Might be allergic? Should this be a concern?

Hi all, wondering if I could get your viewpoints...

I'm T2, and started Lantus & Victoza 5 weeks ago. No issues injecting into my abs, but just recently realized that I should rotate sites, not just spots within a site. Trouble is, I seem to get an allergic reaction when I inject into my arms. I've only tried it twice, and only made the connection to the reaction this morning when a welt showed up on my arm...

The symptoms:

1) Last week I injected to my arm and the next day had an upset stomach. Didn't make the connection, but happened to rotate to inject in my rear-end the next day anyway.

2) Two nights ago I injected into my arm again, and the next morning (yesterday) I vomited after breakfast, and had some light-headedness. BGs were low-ish from eating less the rest of the day but were still fine. Didn't make the connection - thought maybe I ate something bad.

3) Last night I injected into my abs, but this morning I woke up with an itchy red welt the size of a small plum (but flat & firm) at the injection site on my arm from two nights before!

4) Just to make it more complicated, I'm not 100% certain that the arm with the welt was where I injected the insulin (versus the Victoza), but the other arm's injection site has a smaller red spot too.

My questions (although I'll obviously talk to the doctor too):

1) If I do have a mild insulin allergy, is it ok to just continue injecting where I don't get a reaction (abs/rear), or will I still be causing some other less visible issues and doing damage in the end?

2) Could it be the Victoza?

Other info:
- I'm currently up to 48 units of Lantus and 1.2 of Victoza, once a day, and I take it at 9pm.
- I'm also on Metformin for years and never had a problem with it.

So I just printed out this post and brought it over to my pharmacist (who also happens to be a Diabetes specialist!) to see what she thinks.

She said she thinks it's time to split my insulin dose - I'm at 48 units - and I should also try to inject a little slower. She thinks the nausea is separate and is from the Victoza, not the Lantus. It's still relatively new so I'm still within an adjustment period, and it also may be absorbed a bit differently in the arm which has less fat.

So three things:
- Inject insulin more slowly
- Split my dose
- Inject the Victoza in my stomach, rear, or try the thigh, but avoid the arms for now.

Glad I could help ;)

Sounds like good advice. 48 units is a fair amount of insulin in one injection site. Some sites do absorb better than others and that may be the reason some sites become irritated.

When I was doing injections I always split my doses. Because you are a fairly new insulin user I would recommend that you talk with your doctor before making a change.

Thanks for the response Gary!