Migration update: features gained

What is this ? You are making changes on Tudiabetes ?? ...ok he was cute and wanted to post him for you Emily :) ha !

LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for a laugh, Wendy :)

LOL! I'll check on that before we choose a launch date :)

Great questions, John. We're still figuring out exactly how the launch will work in terms of timing. The challenge is that we will be porting a HUGE amount of content from our current platform to the new one (forum conversations, private messaging between members, profile info, threads from within a lot of the groups....) and if we have both places running at the same time after that content moves to Discourse then anything added to the Ning site will not make it into the new one. Because of this our currentunderstanding (and this may change) is that we do have to make the change in one fell swoop. However we are expecting access to a beta site in advance of that, and will invite interested members (and of course our volunteers) to start acquainting themselves with it in advance of the official migration for exactly the reason you noted :)

I'll post about it when the beta site becomes available.

Just spent some time poking around the 2 sites Marie linked to and I must say I love the new clean interface.

Moving to Discourse is an excellent idea. The platform is gaining momentum and is flexible enough to support TuDiabetes community now and well into the future.

I have experience using it on blogging/writing community. http://talk.desk.pm

I am very much looking forward to this.

Ditto to what you said about maintaining two sites during a migration. Definitely NOT recommended. Better to make a clean break. But I've been doing IT for over 20 years and to John's point, ■■■■ happens. I strongly recommended involving some of the more technical members of the community who can help you find issues early.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, Khurt! I'm glad to hear that you - one of our long-time community techies - are looking forward to this change.

To the point about s*** happening... how did you get past our language filter?! But more importantly, would you volunteer to be one of our community tech helpers?

"...community tech helpers?" What's involved?

NOTE: I didn't know the community had a language filter.

Well I'll confess that so far nothing has been involved in being a tech helper for the migration. However once the launch happens I'd like to engage our tech helpers to crawl the site for bugs (which are inevitable at first, as you know), and report them to me so I can alert our developers ASAP.


This looks SO cool. :) Can't wait! :)