Migration Update: rough sketch of our new blogs page!

Hey friends,

Here's a rough, working sketch of the new blogs page we're working on for the site migration! Like the home page sketch I shared yesterday, this is not set in stone, but a work in progress.

You can also check out sketches of our future home page, events page, video archive, and forum category structure. Remember that all of these pages are works in progress, and some things might change as we go along. You can also read some background information about the migration project, the features which will change in this process, and features we will gain.

Let me explain what you're looking at :)

The content on this page will come from external blogs, not blogs written on TuDiabetes by members of the community. Blog posts written on TuDiabetes by community members will go in a forum section called "Member Stories", or something similar.

When you click on the "blogs" button in the main navigation on any page of the site you will come to this page. At the top where you see "Disclaimer Text Would Go Here" there will be a short statement that this content is external to TuDiabetes.

Below that you will see two featured blog posts ("A Pricipal's Reflections... and "Grit" in this sketch) which are under the heading "Headlines". These will be posts that our volunteers think are of particular value and interest to the community, and they will change regularly.

Next to "Headlines" are the specific blogs categories (T1, T2, Diet/Exercise and Technology) and a catch-all heading called "more". If you click on those categories you will get a complete list of all the blog posts that we've ever uploaded to this page, within the given category you clicked on. At the beginning there will be only a few pieces on each list, but as time passes we'll amass a long list of great blogs in each of the categories.

Below all that are the two most recent blog pieces uploaded for each of the categories, for folks who just want to see the latest, rather than the exhaustive list.

Volunteers will be recruited to help keep this page up-to-date with the latest blogs relating to diabetes, and to ensure that the blogs posted here represent the best pieces within each of the categories, and not just the pieces that are written by the most prolific or known bloggers in the diabetes online community.