Mini Med Paradigm Problems

Is any one experiencing intermittent problems with their MM? I have been pumping for 10+ years and on two separate occasions over the last 2 months my sugars have just gone sky high…548! Did shots, did bolus finally after 4 hours and 23 units later it came down to 300. Hormones maybe? I am on day 5 of a pretty heavy dose of antibiotics for sinus infection but that seems under control so I don’t think I’m sick other than mentioned. I am at a loss…could it be my sets clogging? MiniMeds help line is backed up so just wondering if others were experiencing any intermittent problems. Thanks!

Wow!! 23 units to bring you down? That’s a lot of insulin. Are you rotating your sites? Could you possibly be developing scar tissue? I’ve heard that scar tissue can cause absorption problems. Also, whenever I take antibiotics, I generally run quite a bit higher…but not that high.

If you’re having an issue with clogging, the pump should alarm, alerting you to an occlusion. I actually find my MM Revel to be quite sensitive to occlusions and for the alarm to work quite well.

Have you also changed out the insulin you’re using, just in case it has developed tiny crystals or something? That can sometimes cause clogs.

The antibiotics could also be the cause of the jump in blood sugars.