Rough night :(

Ok so for once in the past 2 years lol I wanted to get to bed early, like 1AM.

I wake up after 8 hours of sleep… then I look at my pump’s sensor readings… 1AM - 129, 3AM - 183, 4AM -267, 6:19AM - 302, 8AM 322, 11AM - 254, 12AM - 187. then its back down to the norm.

Any ideas on why? Any stories like this?

Being high for that long freaks me out!!! :frowning:

My blood sugar is high during the night too. You may want to raise your basal rates.

but does it stay high for like the whole night? Or does your go up and down?

what did you eat for dinner? Does this happen nightly? You said this is a once in a while bed time so possibly your basal are set for more activity? Possibly a liver glucose dump from LBS before bed? Over compensation for LBS? The reasons are endless.

Some more info about sleeping trends, what you ate for dinner / snack, usual activity what your BG was before the spike, etc would be helpful to offer better advice. =^)

Hi, this is question actually has nothing to do with the discussion but does the minimed give your sugar leveles too? Are the sensor readers yoru sugar levels?

I have the same issue sometimes. I read an article on D-Life website about swinging numbers while you sleep. Mine goes up and down usually waking up with a morning high. Apparently it is very common. It doesnt give a clear explaination on the cause just that some people experience it and its really nothing to do about it. I didnt research it any further but I would Google it or ask your endo in your next visit.

The MM is a pump, with CGM (the CGM reads your sugar levels), then there is a meter you can use with it (one touch ultralink) that sends the meter results to the pump as well. So the meter, CGMS, and insulin all run through the pump.