Minimed has the "Carelink", what does Animas have? Is the software decent to use>

Hello everyone (again)…lol

Just curious about 1 last thing and the Animas Ping Pump. Do they have any reporting software or website similar to the Carelink? Would just like to see if people are using anything with the Ping.

Animas recently launched Diasend. It’s an online app that syncs with your pump via RF. It generates many useful reports, and if your endo’s office sets itself up they can just go in and look at your info (with your permission). Great software IMO, except that the RF is slooooooow.

Awesome, thanks for the info jrtpup.

I just reg my pump and used it for the first time. I REALLY HOPE the doc I will see at the end of the month uses this. It’s sooo much easier to just upload and let them know to look and make recomendations without the fax and stress that they can’t or won’t upload. Good deal Animas!!!

Spoke with an Animas tech person last week as my endo’s office said they don’t use diasend. She said they are working with them now - firewall issues - to get them set up. So… it may be a while till they get to everyone. Wouldn’t hurt to call your endo’s office and find out if they have it yet, or call Animas to see if they’re scheduled.