Diasend Website

I just downloaded my Animas pump to the Diasend website for my Endo to look at. I’m going to love being able to do this instead of faxing my daily logs to her. Plus, it means less paper for her to look at. Thanks Animas!!

Are you part of a pilot study? My endo using diamond but in office download only. Do you have access to your data from home also?

Hey Diana,
No, I’m not part of a pilot study. I upload my pump to the Diasend website from home and my Endo can look at the information on the website in her office. It’s the same thing that Medtronic has had, but not Animas. This is new for Animas as of this week. I got my doctor’s clinic number and when I registered on Diasend, it asked for that number. Then we share the information from the pump. Ask your Endo, CDE or Animas rep for the website address and your doctor’s clinic number. It was great.

My endo has been participating in a pilot study for diasend for several months now. I’ll have to email the rep and ask if it’s available here for all. Thanks

Carmen, thanks for posting this. I was able to successfully upload my pump via diasend. I like it better than EZ Manager MAX for data. You’ll still need to use EZ Manager if you want to change your pump tune or meter food data base.

Initially I went to the diasend website and didn’t see a link to register. For those interested in the diasend you need to access the registration for the site from the Animas homepage. Be interesting to see if this solves my Snow Leopard problems. I’ll upload the installer later this weekend and try it.

Is there a fee for using the service? And, do you need special equipment?

Do you have a “dongle" from Animas? If you already have the wireless download cable used with the EzManager Software, you can go to www.diasend.com/animas to register and install Diasend Uploader and upload your pump and meter data. There is no cost to sign up for this service. To be able to share the info with your doctor’s office, you will need their clinic number because you have to put that number in when you register.

Yes, I do have the IR sensor dongle . . . so will have to see if my Endo has signed up! Thanks!

This is huge information! Not having to use ezmanager and fax over reports anymore is great and I just did a upload so, come Monday my endo can check out the report himself. Way cool…

Hi Carman,
We have the dongle and EZmanager software for my daughters Ping but we can’t get EZmanager to download the Ping meter data into Windows 7. If I remember right, we did have success getting the pump to download via the dongle into EZmgr.
Is diasend a seperate application from EZmanager?
Can it download data from the pump or meter directly or does it just upload the data to the cloud once it’s already in EZmgr?

You don’t use EZmanager at all with the Diasend website, just the dongle that comes with it. Diasend is a way to upload your pump, with the meter readings, onto a website and your doctor can then look at your pump data. I’ve only been on the pump since the end of September and have never downloaded it into EZmanager. My doctor or CDE have downloaded it for their purposes. You can go to the Animas website and download the necessary info to use the website. When I registered, I had to add my doctor’s clinic number so she would have access to my information.

Our Animas trainer hinted about this last year and it sure sounds great. We’ve ditched using EZmanager since getting a Dex7 in November.

A more general question I have is regarding the frequency of communications with a care team:

How often does everybody usually update their diabetes clinic with their child’s (or their own) numbers (outside of sick days)?

I don’t know about anyone else. I see my Endo every three months and I’m in contact with my diabetes educator whenever I have a problem, question or concern. If she isn’t comfortable giving me an answer, she talks to my doctor and one of them call me back. So, other than the doctor, I guess I don’t really have a set time or frequency to update them.

Will it work with a slow dial-up internet connection or will it take forever to read the pump data?

I really don’t know, but maybe someone here does. If not, I’d probably check with Animas

You could always try it, I suspect it would take longer than the average but there is no harm having to try. One thing that wasn’t made clear was having to make sure the pump doesn’t go into sleep mode.

Thanks Carman. I got Diasend working and it’s great, far better than EZmanager. Now I’m waiting to get the clinic code and see if our Doc and NP/CDE’s are willing to utilize this tool. I’m pretty confident they will be.

Wow, this is great. was able to upload my data. My clinic is going to set this up next week. I was able to get this to work on my Mac , so GOOD BYE ezmanager

I like it much better than EZ Manager. And if you use Accu-chek meters (Aviva or Compact Plus) you just use the same cable that you use to upload the Ping information. Really cool.

I just started using the One Touch Ping, switching from Medtronic. I cannot get the meter to load the food database through EZ Manager. Has anyone been able to do this? I would love to know how you did it. PM me if you wish.