Minimed lot 8 recall

It’s been well over a month since I returned my lot 8’s and were supposed to be receiving one replacement box every 3 weeks. To date I’ve not received any replacement sets or any correspondence with their intentions to send any out. Has anyone actually got a replacement yet? Thanks!

I got one–but only after I called and complained to a supervisor… because 10 sets should last 3 weeks–I said yeah and waht world do you live in…failed adhesive, door knobs, grandbaby, kinked canlua, or your body just deciding that site is toast…I until this have been a pretty satisfied customer–but this recall has given me serious doubts about Minimed…I am faily well miffed at them at this moment.

Denise, I agree. I guess I will have to call and “raise cain” and try to get some before I run out (again). It took Minimed 3 weeks after they announched the recall to get me a box of 10. I’m trying to work with them but, like you my confidence has decreased!

I got my first box the day I found out about the recall. Then when I didn’t receive a second box, I called and they said they wouldn’t send any out until I returned all my unused boxes, at which point I demanded they send me another box b/c I had 4 sets left and couldn’t wait the 3.5 weeks until I would get a new box from when I sent my old ones in. I received a 3rd box the other day, 3 weeks after my last, but it was the wrong cannula length. So I called last week and asked them to ship me the correct box and a label to return the wrong box. I called yesterday as I hadn’t received it yet (9 days later) and they had no note of me requesting a different box. So I’m supposedly getting the correct box today, but we’ll see. If I have to call again, I’m telling them that I’m taking that Omnipod $299 offer and won’t use Minimed for pumping ever again.

By the way, it doesn’t matter what type of set you told them you wanted as replacements, they’ll send out what you sent them. I had about mostly 9mm, 23 inch sets of Lot 8s, but requested that I get 6mm, 23 inch sets. All I’ve gotten are 9mm even though my account says to ship out 6mm. Minimed is sucking sooooooooooooooo hard right now.

And seriously, one box for 3 weeks? I totally lost a set when it fell out of my inserter. And I’ve been doing about 2.5 days/set lately so I don’t understand where their logic comes from.

I had to call minimed I had sent my recalled ones back and was down to 2 left they had them to me in a day but apparently you have to call and remind them

Although I completely agree with the frustration everyone here is voicing (I have a discussion of my own called “I want my Lot 8s back” that is on the same topic), I don’t think it’s fair for you, Kimberly, to complain about the game when you don’t want to play by the rules.
Of course they won’t send you replacements if you don’t return your recalled Lot 8s. If they did, most of their customers would claim to have Lot 8s to get the free "replacements."
Then you complain about sending you the wrong length when they were clearly sending you the length you were returning. I just bought five tires with 18 inch rims. If something is wrong with them I won’t ask for the replacement tires to be 20 inch because that’s not what I paid for or returned.
So while I agree they aren’t handling this recall well at all, let’s not kick the dog for the owner’s mistakes.

I called on Friday just after I inserted my last set. Not only had I not received anything after the first replacement box, they were also late on my regular shipment which was due 2 days before I called. The operator at first told me I would have my shipment by Wednesday, but after explaining to her why that was unacceptable she agreed to have them to me by Monday. Then she informed me that since my regular shipment was arriving so soon they would go ahead and cancel my replacements.

My experience with getting my lot 8 replacements and further shipments of replacement infusion sets has been slow and down to the wire (i.e. I had 2 or 3 infusion sets left). I’ve just started using the pump in June so I don’t have a stock of them either, especially with several occasions of having to replace the set because of “No Delivery” messages and bent canulas. When I spoke to medtronic about my situation, they sent a few emergency sets to hold me over. However, I did receive my replacements in two shipments.