Minimed Paradigm / CareLink "Linking"

I just received my MM pump and have been sorting through the information, training, etc. I was wondering how MM users are transferring their information from the pump to CareLink?

I have been through Medtronic’s website and have searched, but cannot locate how or where to purchase the BD USB link cable or the MiniMed ComLink (MMT-7304). Both are mentioned throughout the website and instructional info as if you can get these anywhere. The only info I could find was this on the Medtronic site, which mentioned purchasing through the store. However, after going to the store, no products relating to this are listed. Am I missing something?

It would be nice if Medtronic would let us all know how the OneTouch Paradigm meter will connect to a computer… whenever it is ultimately released. I am sure it will require another cable – purchased separately.

Just spit-balling here Shawn, but did you try and call MM or BD? This is an old link, but the numbers may still be good:

BD Blood Glucose Meter Discontinued

I did try and look for one for you through other means, but all I could find were people trying to get the cable, not sell it. Good Luck.


I purchased my uplink cable shortly after receiving my 722 last year. It attaches to the BD meter and PC (USB) to allow you to transmit your stats to the CareLink website or compatible software. It is strange that the cable does not appear even in the Medtronic online store any longer . Might have something to do with BD exiting the meter business. You might give Medtronic a call at 800-646-4633. My pharmacy starting shipping Nova brand strips for the BD meter instead of BD strips recently. I hope the uplink support doesn’t go away. I suspect Medtronic will evolve to something else with similar capabilities.

I followed up with my MM pump rep and he said that he would get a USB cable to me, since it is no available on their site. He only asked that I pass along my cable to my doctor’s office once the new meter/cable arrives.

Sanvitia is another resource in the interim. I have read on other forums that they are assisting MM customers and may ship cables to new pump customers… hoping to hold on to BD customers, I guess.

Also, my rep commented on the status of the new OneTouch Link meter, which replaces the BD. Here’s what he noted:

You will be dropped shipped the new One Touch Ultra Link meter with a cable. The estimated time is by the end of March. Each meter will come with a usb cable that you will be able to download your data.

How ironic. When I got the 722/BD combo, I stopped using a One Touch Ultra Smart meter which I liked. I hope the Ultra Link has as many features as the Ultra Smart.

Medtronic is now offering a free wireless USB device.

I was looking around for a way to connect as well and found your post as well as this one

This is a much better deal than paying.


I have two BD USB link cables. Email me with a shipping address and my spare cable is yours.

I registered to receive one of of the new USB Link devices and when I receive it, that should solve my ability to get at my data. For now, my CDE has been exporting my data into CareLink.

My Minimed finally send me one of their ComLink devices, however, it required a serial connection (too old school for my computer) and would therefore require a usb-to-serial converter to make it work.

Here’s the link to the Minimed device: Click Here


Thank you for the offer.

I actually just ordered (and received the UPS shipping confirmation) the USB wireless link. They are giving one free to each customer.

Have you used the wireless USB dongle yet?


I just received my 722 a few weeks ago and was told by the trainer that they’ll be sending out a usb receiver and a replacement LifeScan meter in a week or two - not sure if it’s just for new orders or for all current 722 users. She mentioned that minimed had arranged with LifeScan to provide replacement meters so they can drop the BD meters completely. The USB key is much easier to use and communicated directly with the pump - no meter hook up needed.