Question for Medtronic Paradigm CareLink Users

Has anyone used anything besides the CareLink USB to download data from their Paradigm pump?

(I have the USB Medtronic sells but lost it several months ago, I know it’s in my house somewhere but I’m still hunting for where my kids, er… mostly likely my youngest child, could’ve put it as they, er… she, think it looks like a fun eraser with magical powers meant for kids only… Argh!)

If there is already a thread on this, I wouldn’t mind reading it… I’m kinda new and still trying to learn how to search.

Thanks in advance!

Depending on which meter you use One Touch sells a USB cable that connects the meter and your computer. I have one around for backup.

Thanks… I have the USB cable for my glucometer but I’m wondering about the Bluetooth (object that looks like a white eraser and has the word CareLink for the insulin pump to beam various pieces of information, such as when I changed my basal rate, how much basal rate, how much bolus, etc. I took along with pump alarms, etc.).

Of course, I don’t even know if what Medtronic made to download the info directly from insulin pump is actually Bluetooth??? I’m wondering if any Bluetooth would work (for example I sometimes use a Bluetooth to get pictures/videos off cell phones).

it’s not bluetooth. It’s radio frequency alright but not bluetooth. that’s why it comes with the special dongle receiver.

did you contact medtronic to ask them about this?

Not yet but I think I will.

When I got the CareLink, I got it free but now I see that they are charging $60 and I keep thinking that if I get something I want it to have dual purpose (not just be used for one thing) - I wouldn’t mind if they charged $15 to $20 but $60 when they gave them out for free originally just doesn’t seem right.

I also believe I need to start looking in really weird places (when my oldest child was 2 years old, he actually put a brand spanking new pair of dressy sandals in the potato box, I didn’t find them for 3 weeks - don’t worry or get grossed out LOL! I didn’t have potatoes in the box so shoes were fine… you would be amazed & frustrated like me at the places my kids put items).

would a bribe of something (to your kids) even more magical and interesting bring out the carelink usb? with my kids i always have some sort of bribe which they find irresistible and give up whatever it is that they’ve kept hostage.

Hmmm… I do bribe a lot (okay, a TON!!! I carry many forms of candy in my purse LOL!) but in the case of my 2 year old she wouldn’t remember and I have a feeling she is the one that got her little hands on the magical eraser.

Thanks for the idea! I might try it with the older kids, LOL! (a 5 year old and soon to be 4 year old this Saturday).

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to the almost-4 year old!

Another idea is to borrow the carelink from someone you know who also uses MM pumps. After all, how often do you upload your data? I do mine once every week or so.


I called Medtronic and got a really sweet guy (tech support rep) he is mailing me another CareLink USB (free of charge) as he said he understood kids. I found out that the $60 price for the CareLink USB will go to $99 (the free deal was for a year and then it went to $60 and now it will change to $99). I plan to keep the USB under lock and key and chop off little hands who try to steal my magical eraser (just kidding!).

One other weird thing… While on the phone, the rep told me that I really need to make sure that I worry about the Lot 8 infusion sets. The sad thing is that I was using up to 160 units over 24 hours during my pregnancies years ago and I’ve lost so much weight that I’m now down to using 25 to 40 units over 24 hour period and I am pretty lax about changing my infusion set (as I sometimes fill the reservoir with more insulin needed then 3 days). Therefore, I had 6 or 7 unopened UPS boxes to go through to find lot 8 infusion sets. I found 16 box sets (4 UPS brown boxes) and some of these boxes are from 2008. I found out some of the lot 8 sets are from 2007. The rep said that even though many of us haven’t had any problems, they are still recalling all lot 8 boxes. I was glad to hear that there was someone else with 21 box sets to return… I’m wondering who has the most box sets to return? LOL!

lol…my daughter always seemed to remember where she hid stuff and was usually proud of the amusing and creative places they ended up. I usually got a good laugh too, but getting her to tell/show me where things went was always tough. Bribes dont always work with this child…:slight_smile: Hope you find it…

Ha! Ha! Thanks Rashelle! It’s always amazing when you find things on a day that you weren’t looking for something but find items in weird spots - it’s like Christmas! Maybe when my kids are a little older I could hide their birthday and Christmas presents and have them hunt for their presents.