Minimed Carelink


For all the Medtronic pumpers out there I thought I would pass this bit of news on Medtronic has now come out with a wireless link up to their Carelink site. I just order mine today.


Get Your Complimentary CareLink™ USB Today!

The new CareLink USB upload device wirelessly sends data from your MiniMed Paradigm® Insulin Pump to CareLink Personal software. It delivers important advantages:

  • No wires, no cables! The CareLink USB is not only convenient and easy, but also sleek and compact.

  • It is fast and no batteries are required.

  • It makes uploading information from your insulin pump to CareLink Personal Software easier than ever! Simply connect the CareLink USB directly to your personal computer’s USB port, and then upload all of your insulin pump information to your PC.

  • Limited time only. One product per customer. For U.S. customers only


I have to add that I ordered mine yesterday morning and had shipping info that afternoon! I thought somewhere it said 6 weeks?

Hey, where can you find this on their website? Or do I have to call?

Yes it does say that on one of the pages. I didn’t think it would take six weeks and you are proof of that!!!

Click Here–

You need to have a CareLink account so if you don’t have one sign up-it’s free. Once you are logged in look on the bottom right corner and you will see the link to get it.

Do you know how long they are going to be offering them for free? I just got approved for my pump today.

OMG is this for free…? they did not tell me bout this, ive been calling minimed asking for any alternative aside from USB cable from BD to upload my BG to my pc… they said they have the comlink which is 99.99 dollars… this is just ridiculous…

thanks for this info david…i did order mine just right now…


try to sign up for the store online, and try to place an order too…i think if you have an account with the store online, there should be no problem…or if not, you can call minimed and ask them if they can ship the cable with your pump, if they havent shipped it out yet…i think they just have a limited stocks on this one, havent seen it in their website either… so get yours now before theyre gone…

I signed up for the store and got it ordered. My pump is suppose to be shipped out tomorrow and will have it Mon. I am tempted to start using it as soon as I get it as my Dr. is ok with me doing that. I discussed it with him today.

thats cool… Goodluck… remember it takes a lot of patience, especially getting the right basals that works for you, i started pumping last month and still trying to figure out the right basals… also, i recommend this book by John Walsh, Pumping Insulin: Evrything you need for…blah…blah…could not memorize the whole title…its in amazon or ebay…
its a nice book for reference… should help you…

Got it but haven’t really started reading it yet, going to start on it this weekend as well as do the pump school online.

Too bad this doesn’t seem to work for Macs.

Still thanks a LOT for sharing this info, David!

I agree that it should work on both platforms that being said I would still get one. The reason, there are so many PC’s out there and a Minimed holds 90 days worth of info. One just needs to find a PC they can use for 5 minutes to upload their data. Once it is on the CareLink site the Mac can be used to generate the reports and so on. I know that when I use Firefox the CareLink site says that it is only designed to work with IE, but that isn’t true I use Firefox all the time so I am sure Safari or Firefox for the Mac would work just fine. Thanks for replying to my discussion.

True, indeed. And not only that: nowadays with VMWare and Parallels you can run Windows on a Mac. It’s just one of those wishes I now find myself having now that I am a Mac user! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for this information. I just ordered mine. It’s going to let me avoid the pain in the ■■■ of pulling out the old BD meter and cable to upload my pump data. Excellent.

I’m eagerly awaiting their new LifeScan One-touch based meter. I’m wondering if it will interface with my Dexcom CGM like my current One-touch does. Unlikely, I"m thinking, but I may be pleasantly surprised.


I could not agree more. After getting an A1c that increased over my prior number I stopped using the BD meter. I realized that the result were often skewed by as many as 30 points. Which to say the least is a lot, not to mention I broke that little tip on the cable a while back. They sent me a new cable for free but still a pain in the a$$.


One word . . . Bootcamp.
I like it much more than Parallels, especially since virtually (no pun intended) the only thing I use it for is to get to the Carelink site.


hey Dave,

I cant believe it, i spoke to a customer rep from minimed earlier today and she said it’ll take bout 3 weeks for them to ship the Carelink USB, but i just received an email notice from UPS and minimed that its already being shipped, ill expect it on Tuesday…

im so excited bout this…

Thanks Dave, just ordered mine with my next 10 pkgs of sensors.

I am not a consistent user. When I have it on I am glad I do, when I have it off don’t always miss it.

Today it was right on with my meter, but not a good day to see what was happening. I want to fix my bgs woes instantly. :wink: