Minimed new One Touch Ultra Link meter and HOW TO UPLOAD data to carelink page?

Hi everyone~

I’ve just run out of my old test strips for the paradigm meter, so I’ve switched over to the One Touch Ultra Link. I can’t get the data to upload onto the Carelink system. I supposedly received directions on how to do so, but I can’t find them and minimed had a long hold time this morning.

Anyone familiar with the steps on uploading this info? Please be detailed so I can do it myself.



well first off you will need the OneTouch Data cable and make sure that it drivers is installed. I tried to use the USB Carelink wireless thing to upload my minilink, but it would not work. so you have to use the cable. if you don’t have a cable you can order one:

then once you have all that set up, you can be able to upload the link meter’s results into minimed’s carelink online.
the carelink online will guide you as to when to plug in the meter to the computer and whether or not to turn the meter on.
it is usually best to plug the meter to the cable first, before pluging the cable to the computer.
if you are using the link meter with your pump though, it may not be necessary to upload the meter itself as all your results from your meter will be stored on your pump, and so you can just upload the pump by itself.

do you already have the Carelink USB wireless upload device to go with your pump? if not you can order one from minimed by first logging in to the Carelink online site, and then clicking the “Carelink USB” link at the bottom right hand corner of the screen… this will direct you to sign in to the minimed store (make sure you have your store account set up first) …and then the carelink USB device will show up in your shopping cart, just proceed with the check out to obtain it for free. … it is really great to use and simple. otherwise you can do it the old fashioned way and upload your pump via the paradigm BD meter and cable. good luck!

Thanks so much midnight, I really appreciate your response. Thank you !!

Of course I wanted it to be easier than it is - I don’t have the OneTouch Data cable and drivers - they didn’t come with the meter did they?

I guess I’ll have to fork over the money. I wonder if insurance will cover that? Hmmm… Why do they make things hard for us? I’m frustrated because I really don’t have enough time to deal with this, but it’s so important that I can see my patterns. Aarg! I really see no benefit to us whatsoever from this switch. It’s just a corporate thing I guess. Makes me grumpy. =S

I think that Minimed is still giving away the carelink usb for free. You can see a little more about it here (scroll down).

Once you get the usb, you plug it into your computer and follow the on screen instructions. But the data is actually sent (in my case, at least) from the pump, which stores all of the bgs it receives.

Hope this helps.

Are you sure about Minimed cable? I had to pay 70 EUR for mine… But OT cable is free at least here… Contact J&J and they will send it to you…


I did finally give Minimed a call and they sent me a free carelink usb, with the startup/install disk thing. I’m set now, thank you!