Minimed Pump with Dexcom CGM?

Looking for opinions!!

I've been a United States MM pump user since 1998, added their CGM in November 2007 and have been on this integrated system since.

I'm looking for opinions from people who have a MM pump and Dexcom CGM. More ideal would be those who switched their CGM from MM. Even more idea would be those who are also female.

The entire time I've been on MM CGM, I've complained about the harpooning insertion and the inaccuracy of the data from the sensor. In 2012 I was involved in the clinical trial for the newly FDA approved MM 530G and Enlite sensor. While the accuracy wasn't improved, I was thrilled by the better, and less painful, insertion.

When the announcement came our that the Enlite sensors were FDA approved, I immediately called MM. I cannot upgrade sensors without getting the new pump. I still have two years on my current pump warranty and MM won't even inquiry my insurance company to see if they'll cover a new pump at this time. So, I'm investigating other options for my CGM.

My concerns about switching to a Dexcom for my CGM needs:

  • Having 2 separate devices to carry around and keep track of
  • Having to do 2 downloads to get ALL the data (CGM and bolus) and trying to align both sets of data to make adjustments to pump settings.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated--thank you!

I currently have MM pump and Dexcom G4, and previously used MM SofSensor (2007-2010).

I'm pretty sure I'll stay with my MM/Dexcom combination, but am waiting to hear if others think the MM accuracy has improved or not. If possible, I hope to get a sample Enlite, to use with my MM 523 and compare side by side with my Dexcom G4.
(see postings from others that have used Enlites without upgrading pump. MM will tell you no, because it is not FDA approved, but if your Dr provides RX for Enlites, they will work with Revels.)

But the reasons I will likely stay with Dexcom is that I LIKE having 2 devices, MOST of the time. I usually carry my pump in 1 pocket, and Dexcom in another, as I don't usually carry a cell phone. With some hearing loss, I found the MM pump alarms at night were ineffective, since I didn't hear them. With Dexcom, I hear alarms. The other reason I stay with Dexcom is accuracy. I'll need convincing proof of MM improvements.

If your MM pump is still under warranty, you should be able to get an upgrade, just not for free. I think it is $400, with your old pump trade-in. But if you were in the clinical trial, and convinced the Enlite is not any more accurate, then that wouldn't help.

As for downloads, I regularly download Dexcom, but rarely download MM. I use the Dexcom reports to help with changes for basal settings. When I did have MM CGMS, then Carelink was more useful, but my Dr was more interested in it than I was.

I went through this problem with MiniMed as well. Now they have changed their position.
I was able to order Enlite sensors and I use them with my Revel pump, and I find the accuracy to be better. More comfortable and easier to insert.

I started on a Dex. and the extra receiver was too much for me. I kept forgetting about it.
I left it in my pocket one day and got splashed from my kid in the pool and it died. Dex said it was my fault so they didn't replace it.

Then I started the Softsensors, and I was ok with the large needles. But I am much happier now with the Enlite sensors.

I have 2 years left of my Revel and If the Animas pump paired with the Dexcom finally gets approved, I will switch over to that most likely.

What I really want is a pump and senor that are both controlled by my phone. That way THe pair can function while my phone is safe and dry, and I would only need my phone to control it, bolus or whatever.

I know dexcom is working on that idea as well, but it will be a long time before we see that.

I'm curious about the feedback you've received because I tried the 530G with Enlite for 24-hour and didn't have a great experience with it. I want to do a fair review (YouTube video) so I'm looking for unbiased pros and cons from users. Anybody?

I have been a MM pump user for the pst 10 years or so. Just recently I was asked by my endo to trial a CGM as I was having way too many hypo's. The thought was to trial the MM CGM system, however they did not have the equipment available at that time. Due to this, I was placed on a DexcomG4 and I loved it. After the two week trial, I returned it to the the doc and the diabetes educator was there. He asked that I also have a two week trial for the MM system. I did this and I hated it. Nothing but problems with the system.

Well I just ordered my Dexcom a few days ago and waiting for it to show up.