N.J. Assembly panel passes bill allowing driver's licenses to include diabetic condition

Hmmm... Not sure what I think about this. On the one hand having that info on the drivers license would give police a heads up if something happened that wasn't an apparent medical problem that would cause them to look for a medical ID (ie. unconscious). On the other I'm afraid that it could also lead to restrictions and discrimination, higher insurance rates etc...


I agree that'd have some eerie potential. It would have been interesting to sit in the debate. Now if it had some link to their "SCMODS" [as in "The Blues Brothers"] so they'd pull the car, see the diabetic driver and handle with an appropriate protocol, that would be ok to me but I can easily see in 5 years some data floating into the hands of legislators and perhaps more sinisterly, actuaries, and us paying the price. At the same time, the collapsing health care system plays a role in limiting access to enough treatment (teststrips!) to ensure safe driving.

The article says a diabetic can volintarily agree to have this information posted on thier license. It is aimed at helping diabetics recieve immediate care faster. If you are afraid of big brother, (like I am) than you do not have to have the information posted.

The article cites, "We have seen to many misunderstandings between diabetics and police officers."

The article also innaccurately says, "Riley said she heard from one constituent who has a severely diabetic son and fears he may suffer an episode of low blood sugar and be mistaken as drunk by police". Calling someone "Severly Diabetic" is insulting IMO.

"Severely diabetic" is like "a little bit pregnant". If it helps the non-D talk about things that make them uncomfortable, that is better than them not talking at all, and I don't see a lot of harm in it.

I would be afraid of discrimination. I can just see it now, "Well son I'm glad you have joined our team of pizza delivery drivers. I just need to see you drivers license for insurance purposes. OH wait we have a problem here, Sorry son we can't use you after all...." I know discrimination is against the law but it happens.

Of course being able to prove that you are diabetic without question would be nice. And in case you are incapacitated having it to let emergency workers know would be a good thing.

I'm so conflicted here.