I’ve been prescribed Mirtazapine for depression/anxiety. I’ve also read it can help with gastroparesis which I have. Anyone had experience with this drug ?

My wife takes it for depression and it also helps sleep problem. She has never had a problem taking it.

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My elderly Mom has been on it for years. it helps with sleep and depression and back pain but I have not heard about it for GP. There is a wonderful Facebook group for GP patients. They are so helpful. Let me know if you need the link or want the info.

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Please post that link here. I, for one, am interested. Thanks.


I use it for GP. It suppose to help with nausea and increased appetite. I think it works, but with most things GP related sometimes it hard to tell.

I take 30 mg at night. It definitely helps with sleep.

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Thank you all. I’ve heard it can cause weight gain. I am very underweight and could benefit from gaining more but don’t want to gain excess weight.

It helped me put a few pounds on, but nothing excesive.

Where your blood sugars affected ?

Mirtazapine doesn’t impact my bs.

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That’s good to know. I’ve read some people see a massive increase in blood sugars which worried me.

ive taken it before and it didnt help me at all.i was on it for about a year to give it a good try. but everyone is going to be different on how they react to the drug. i havent heard it helps gastroparesis…i have that too…i learn something new every day

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Apparently it helps with the nausea side of gastroparesis.

Thats Remeron. I took that crap.

Psychiatric drugs ruined my pancreas and never did anything but make me sick. Taking poison will never help you be healthy.

The psychiatric industry is one big lie, if anyone ever says you have a brain chemical problem ask for a test using medical science to confirm. If the tell the next lie “the tests are expensive” ask how expensive. Ask how they work. Don’t stop till they admit the low serotonin theory of depression was a fraud to make billions selling drugs.

If I sound harsh it is only because wish someone warned me that way.

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The question was about gastroparesis not depression. I have used for 5 years with no issues. For gastroparesis if you are out of options, it is worth a try.

I better just leave it alone because I hate psychiatry with a passion, for every one person they help they harm at least 10, they keep you sick with those SSRIs and mood pills. They tell you they are “non addictive” but fail to mention that you get real nice and sick if you try and stop taking them.

I hope Mirtazapine works on gastroparesis and I guess it might but I never met anyone who said they took any “non addictive” psychiatric pill for anxiety and report that it works.

Most people think the most important thing to ask is what happens when I take this drug. With psychiatry pills the most important question to ask is is what can happen when I try and stop taking it.


Actually the most important question to ask is will this drug give me diabetes, I should have been told the risks. The drug that did it was not mirtazapine.

Sorry but again psychiatry hurt me real bad and everyone has the right to know what the risks are. Its called informed consent.

The OP said they were prescribed for anxiety depression I would bet $500 that doctor gave no warning of possible withdrawal reactions.

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