Gastroparesis and T1DM

I am very interested to know if anyone within this forum is dealing with T1DM and gastroparesis, and if so, has Reglan been prescribed? I ask b/c Reglan is a “black box” med due to its side effects with long term usage. Thank you

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I tried reglan (Metoclopramide) or called maxolon here in Australia. It did help but made me really really jittery and I felt weird on it so I stopped it. I have Zofran ( ondansetron) now for really bad nausea days but it doesn’t really help with stomach motility.
I’m sorry you’re dealing with gastroparesis. It’s brutal. I just had a gastroenterologist appointment today. They are going to try an antidepressant called mirtazapine now as it is known to help with nausea in some patients.

Hi ! thanks much for your reply and input about your experience. Yeah, mirtazapine is also called Remeron and it’s a “long-shot” antidepressant (with side-effects of course).
So, mirtazapine is now used for all sorts of reasons. If used only for nausea then zofran might still be better. It’s a shame that there are so few options.
Take care, and thank you,

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I was having heartburn and my doctor prescribed Reglan.
It actually gave me gastroparesis.
At least the symptoms of it.
My stomach would not empty I was feeling full all the time and my sugars were off the chart.
I stopped taking it and the symptoms went away.
I went back to Tums for a while and the heartburn passed.

I don’t do well with medication. Right now I take only humalog

good input, thanks. It sure does sound like you had real gastroparesis symptoms from Reglan. I cannot find any current data on the use of Reglan for gastroparesis. From a basic search the literature is very much out of date (20-40 years ago). I wonder if MD’s today even know the current status of this med and its use…?
It makes me wonder if it is just an easy “default” for those with GI problems and T1DM.
Glad to hear you found your own logical treatment with Tums.

They put me on Reglan in the hospital (LADA with DKA) when I couldn’t keep food down.

Wasn’t diagnosed with gastric issue, but I’ve had periodic episodes since then—had never had issues before.

Most recent issue was more like GERD… and treated it with omaprezole as my Reglan prescription was in a different state.

Yes, mirtazapine help me a lot with nausea. Good luck.

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