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I removed my post as it belonged in the thread that has actually been locked but it had not been locked at that time, I don’t think. The problem is Tim35 is right, it can become confusing especially if one composes a comment away from the thread and then places it when so many windows are open.

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I think this is an inappropriate question in so many ways, First we are talking T1 here, sugar does not cause T1, no one was ever cured of T1 by giving up sugar.

@Osob herself is a long time member here and a T1, I can hardly believe that she sabotaged her daughter’s health either intentionally or unintentionally. I’m sure she knows what is a proper diet.

There is a genetic component to T1, could it not be possible for her daughter to succumb to the same genetic condition that triggered her T1.

For @Osob, Please know that you are part of our TuDiabetes family and have been for a long time. Your online family is here for you.


Reread what I wrote, stemwinder. I did not say sugar causes diabetes, but it does influence blood sugar tests. I did not say giving up sugar can cure diabetes. I did give an example of someone who was incorrectly told he was diabetic just because he had been drinking lots of fruit juices by the litres (plural) per day as he wife later told my doctor.

This woman has said that her daughter does eat well and she is concerned with just ratings of 120 mg/dl and expects that all blood sugar levels should be under 90 which is actually not true. Most normal people will never attain that, but they never check as they don’t have the blood monitors to check. That is why they say don’t check for 2 hours after eating.

If you were to read Dr Bernstein’s book you would learn about the primary and secondary insulin release. So if anyone has an exceptionally large indulgent meal they might go even over 10 mmol or over 180 mg/dl but that does not simply mean they are diabetic as a few hours later the secondary output of insulin will take over. Read Dr Bernstein and stop being a total fool and jumping to conclusions about what I wrote. It is clear and nothing about what you are saying was in my words.

Also the other commentators are also correct in that the results she gives do show her daughter is fine as her doctor says. Indeed she is being overly concerned and should spend more time reading about diabetes. Maybe she has not yet read Dr Bernstein’s books. You stemwinder may have read his books and already forgotten.

In effect the woman is asking if her doctor was right. I don’t think she wants her daughter to be diabetic.

I am also not saying the child can never have an ice cream sundae but I do expect the mother might test her within an hour after and become concerned if the result is high. That is where learning about how the body responds to food is important. Dr Bernstein said the primary release comes from what is already available for quick release that is based on the way the person normally eats and then if that get used up with an indulgent meal it takes time for the secondary release to happen, so even wait three hours. But for heavens’ sake do not be of the opinion that all non diabetics never go over 90 mg/dl as that is totally false.

Where has Osob said this. I believe you are mistaken.

Potentially what is going on is @JaninaWalker simply replied to the wrong thread. I know I have done that before without realizing it which probably caused other readers to wonder just what the heck I was thinking.


I am a mother of two and a diabetic from the age of two years old so I have an idea of what’s healthy to eat and drink.

I made/make sure she has a balanced healthy diet and something’s are just out of our hands to be honest.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.


Thank you Tim35 for being observant. Your comment is correct. Yet the attack from stemwinder I find so repulsive I doubt I will do more than read anything on this site as BrianBSC has been regularly attacking me for years. I was not in anyway staying what stemwinder said he thought I was saying. I demand his disgusting comment be removed.

And there are too many problems with how portions are repeated unnecessarily on this site. The previous site did not do that. Furthermore, I bet Brian was part of the removal of the supplements group in 2015 when the changeover happened. I have NOT found this site a nice place to be at all, especially since 2015. So I rarely visit and I joined in 2009. And if it looks like I am present it would be because I had opened it and them gone onto other windows as I do other things on my computer… When we first log in the chat group is there but I try to get away from that to avoid listening to the beeping noise as comments are added. I have not tried to be in that chat group. It’s just that it is the main page.

@JaninaWalker - Thanks for clarifying the intentions of your post asking if the daughter had been fed sugary sweets.

In Gary’s defense, I read your post as a suggestion that the girl’s diabetes was caused by a parent allowing her to have sugary sweets. We now know you did not mean that as a reply to a parent looking for support after learning of her daughter being diagnosed with diabetes. Gary had no way to know you intended your reply for another post. Given that context, the only context available at the time, Gary’s response is reasonable to me. Maybe you can consider those circumstances and find some understanding that Gary’s intentions were well-intended - to support a mother who could be perceived as being under attack. I’m glad to now understand that was not the case.


Regarding the “beep” that emanates from the chat window: it can be easily turned off. Click the gear symbol in the lower right part of the screen. This will bring up a window containing a check box labelled “Disable sound notifications.” Check that box and the sounds will stop.


Thank you @JaninaWalker for clarifying the unintentional posting made in @Osob 's original thread. It pleases me to know that you were not intending to be critical of Osob. Your post had it been posted in its intended place would not have prompted a reaction from me.

During the conversion from our old platform there was a conscious effort made to reduce the number of groups, there were a large and confusing number of them. Differences in software platforms made this effort necessary, The decisions on which groups to keep were made by the Diabetes Hands staff not by any volunteer administrators. Although groups were reduced posts about supplements are still welcome and can be appropriately made in the Nutrition category