Missing trend arrow?

My trend arrow is missing?


This happens to me too. Usually when my sensor is 12 days or older. I have been using sensors every 13 days for 7 months.

My trend arrow usually goes away if I get out of range of the receiver for any amount of time. It usually comes back within 10- 15 minutes of getting back in range. It does also sometimes happen if it’s having trouble understanding my sugars (which usually corresponds to the end of the sensor life). If it’s been two hours or more I’d call Dex and let them know. Just in case there’s a bigger problem.

Same thing happened to me once. Came back after 10 min. It’s never happened again. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Very infrequently I run into the missing arrow problem. When I look at the graph I can tell what the arrow should be. Why can’t the damn software figure it out? I classify this as a software bug. If this was not a medical device the problem would have been fixed a long time ago. Needing FDA approval for any change discourages minor fixes. Gotta love the bureaucrats.