Mission Trip

Helo everyone,

This is one of my first blogs! (: I am currently getting ready to go on a mission trip to Mexico in about a week and I am having some concerns about food in terms of carb count and a packing list. Being a girl-packing is hard. Being a femail diabetic-even harder. hahah. SO I was wondering if anyone had any packing lists for type 1 diabetic any stories about thier mission trip or experience with real mexican food.

I AM SO EXCITED for my mission trip, making a difference means so much to me and I hope that I will learn all that I am suppose to and grow as an individual. We are doing a lot of physical labor there like gardening, composting, building adobe bricks, dry toliets and the building around it as well as working in a school kitchen and so much more! I really hope the heat doesnt affect me too much, I’m mainly worried about feeling emotionally and physically drained as well as lack of strength. With the heat, physical activity and everything going on this is going to be a challenge! I just hope everything goes well and I will not let me diabetes hold me back rather use this to show others that it will not.

Thanks for listening to my short rant! I’d love to hear your travling tips or mission stories!

Brandi Klein

Where are you going in Mexico? How long are you staying for?

Hi, may God bless you throughout this trip and keep you safe.

As for packing, I would keep fashion to a minimum - say 1 outfit for formal wear. Lots of blouses, shirts, tee shirts, shorts and SOCKS! Yes, emphasis on socks! You cannot be too careful with your feet and socks. You need to change your socks frequently. Take a hat and sunglasses and hi factor sun cream and keep applying it.
And Jungle Formula insect reppellant and a first aid kit - particularly plasters etc. And do not bother with the hairdryer and hair straighteners etc. They are heavy - and you want to keep the weight to a minimum and the electricity supplies might be suspect. Take plenty of anti sickness/diahhorrea medication and electrolytes.

For diabetes supplies take at least double what you think you might need! Meters, strips, (take a spare meter) batteries, lancets, finger prickers, needles and insulin and other medication. The Insulin must be kept cool and I think in a place like Mexico refridgeration might be difficult so invest in several Frio wallets. All insulin and at least one of the meters etc should be carried in hand luggage along with a letter from your endo stating why you are carrying insulin - it is obvious, there should be no problems at airports and but there is always a jobsworth somewhere along the line! On this letter should be listed ALL medications that you are on.

I do not know what the food is like out there, I think it is mostly bread and rice based. I think you will not have to worry too much about carbs. Learn to guess how much rice will fit in the palm of your hand and what it looks like and you should not go far wrong - I have a problem with numbers and was told to look at it and work it out that way. I think in the heat you are going to need quite a bit more carbohydrates to keep your sugar levels up. Take lots of sugary snacks with you at all times and never drink tap water. Only use water from sealed water bottles and check the seals. Sometimes rogue sellers will use old water bottles and fill them with tap water and sell it as the bottled water.

I have been on mission - before I knew I was diabetic - and it was wonderful and exciting and scarey! I did manage to end up in the middle of a civil war, but God kept me safe and I saw some amazing things and met some amazing people. There were tears and laughter aplenty, but it was a brilliant time and I certainly grew in my Faith!

I hope you enjoy your mission trip, it sounds as if it will be a great experience. I live in a country where we have hot summers, try not to work out in the hot sun from 11am to 3pm if you can possibly avoid it and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Just plain water is the very best thing to drink, lots of suncream and a hat to keep your neck and ears and shade your face is essential too.

You should tell people on here the area you are going to. There might be a member in that area that might be able to help you out in ways that you would not think of.

I’m going to New Mexico and Cuernavaca for just under three weeks!

Cuernavaca is a pretty big city. You should be able to find anything you need there. There is even a Walmart, Sam’s club and Soriana supermarket. Just as a precaution I would find out where the closest clinic/hospital is to where you’re staying. When I was in Guadalajara there were pharmacies all over so if you run out of something I’m sure you will still be able to find it in Cuernavaca.
There are lots of outdoor markets in more rural parts that sell fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning. You can find tacos everywhere but just watch out for the fresh delicious tortillas you might end up eating one too many. Usually meats are covered with sauces(mole, birria, etc) and I don’t know if there are/or how much carbs are in those so I would just stick with eating meat with pico de gallo (onion, cilantro & tomatoes). Yes I ditto the bug spray there were tons of mosquitos and just incase you get bitten a little tube of Aveeno Calamine will help the itching. Hope that helps. Have a great trip!

Thank you ! Also, we’re going to be eating a lot of beans… I guess they use beans for protien. Now, how much carbs and protiens are actually in beans?