Our Missy needs our good thoughts and prayers

Missy has had a bit of a setback this afternoon. She has started to have seizures. The neurologist thinks this time it may be swelling post-surgery but he won't know until he does the MRI. He's going to sedate Missy so that he can do the MRI.

I was having a steady text stream with Missy this morning. She just took this turn. So, if you could spare a moment or two to focus on our Missy's healing, it would be very much appreciated.

This is the toughest thing. First a murderous doctor and now this. Her neurologist thinks this may be the legacy of the bad medication orders by the evil doctor (who, BTW, has had his license revoked in a number of states and is the subject of a couple investigations -- not his first time riding this ride it seems).

We seemed to be able to do some good on Wednesday, so let's give it another whirl.

Thank you all.


OH NO!!! Hate to hear this! Thanks Pete! Bless her heart! Will take time out to say a prayer for her. (Good to hear that other DR is in trouble I thought he should be anyway!)

She’s in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery…

You guys are so fantastic. Thanks. Tell a friend . . .

Honey, we’re thinking of you… and you know you’re deeply in our hearts, and prayers. You can fight this!! We’re on your corner. HUGS

This is like a bad dream that you keep having night after night.

Oh, and in other Missy-related news, her big announcement to me today was that she can see out of her right eye again. If she hadn’t shared, she had been blind in one eye for the last week or so. This morning she said that she could see completely. So, Yay, Missy!!

Sending prayers for Missy and I am sure that this is just a temporary setback for her.

So Sorry to hear about the turn. I wish her a fast and speedy recovery and shes in my thoughts.

The neurologist is with the family now giving them the update. I’ve asked Lita to let me know when she can so I can share with you.

Missy is sedated now. I don’t really know how long they expect her to be out. The MRI has been completed. Now we wait.

Here’s the latest update:

The neurologist found that there was a very small amount of swelling. He also said that they saw another tumor in the same locality as the two they removed. It appears that these are the fast growing ones because it was not visible on the other MRIs that Missy’s had. He is trying to see if he can get the neurosurgeon in so they can remove the tumor tonight.

The doc thinks that this is a result of a bunch of things: the delay in the right seizure meds, the swelling and the new tumor.

Pump up the volume!!!

Oh nooo! Missy I’m thinking of you and hoping and praying that you’re feeling better real soon hon x x x

I am really sorry to hear that. I will keep praying for Missy.

Oh, my… :frowning: I’m so sorry to hear that… What disconcerting news…

Hang in there, Missy!

good luck

Done…referring to the " so let’s give it another whirl." as in last Wed.

Sending Missy & John & their families most positive thoughts for complete healing.

Baby, we’re all pulling for you & know you’re a strong woman.

Comforting that evil doctors get jobs going from hospital to hospital causing harm.

Thanks for the update Pete. It is done.

Indeed, it is. :frowning: But God is bigger than my dreams… so we’ll see.