Transmitter on MM GCM

What signs did you get when your transmitter started going out? I've been fortunate to have had the same transmitter for 3 years with continual use. I'm getting the usual 3 days and I'll charge it up. Then, I can only get one extra day with it charged where I used to get 6 days. I'm getting a Low Transmitter alarm which I never used to get. Is that a sign that I'll need a new one soon? I don't want to be without my GCM!

Mine was reading higher than the meter for a while. I also noticed that the recharger would take longer, like I'd put it on, stick in the new sensor and set the timer for 15 minutes but it would take the transmitter another 10-15 minutes before the light would go out, indicating a full charge? It still read and transmitted and all that but they called and said it was time to replace it under warranty so I did.

Mine is also taking longer to charge. Guess I’ll give MM a call. Thanks Acid… I can always depend on you for an answer! You’re my hero!! Lol

I had to replace my transmitter in March. I had called minimed and gotten replacement sensors a couple of times prior. The sensors were not lasting 3 days. A week or two later the sensor’s ISIG values would keep decreasing after approximately 1 day of use. This of course caused the sensor BG to drop like a rock. I called minimed and they ran a test or two on my sensor and informed me that was most likely the culprit.

With my new transmitter I usually get 6 days out of my sensors. It sounds like it is likely your transmitter that is dying.

Mine died after 3 years of, frankly , quite intermittent usage. Of course, it was out of warranty and I had just gotten new post-retirement before 65 insurance. I had not met the decutible and Had to pay out of pocket for a new one. Another story. Anyway, the symptoms of impending transmittor demise were: 1.The transmittor would not seem to hold a charge well; 2.The sensors lasted barely 2 days;3.Reported crazy ISIG numbers; and 4.It would take up to 30 minutes for a full charge. So it was time for it to go.

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Your trans should run for 168 hrs without a recharge and if it's slow to recharge I would replace it. The battery will only take so many recharges and it seems like you have gotten your moneys worth out of the battery. If your charging it every three days I would suggest only charging a new one every 6 days for a longer battery life. Your Sensor Status screen will tell you if the battery is in a low condition.

Thanks everyone for the replys! I thought my transmitter was 3 years old but, it’s actually going to be 4 years old next month. Yeah, I’d say I got my money’s worth for sure! I had to have a scan done today so, I had to remove my sensor and when I put it in the charger none of the lights lit up. I replaced the AAA battery and still nothing. Thinking maybe my new AAA battery was dead I replaced it once again. Looks like it went Ka-put! Time for a new one!