Mobile site

I usually access this site on my computer or iPad.
A week ago I went to the page on my iPhone and got the mobile site.
I don’t know why it won’t let me access full site from my phone. But I couldn’t figure out how.

The mobile site is all but useless. You can’t do anything. You can’t even access separate forums. You get all forum posts in one spot so it’s very tough to follow or make posts.

I think it must be as irritating to others. I don’t think it helps the traffic to the site on the whole.

I figured out how to turn off the mobile site, I think there's a link at the bottom or something although I can't find it now b/c I turned it off! I don't do it too much on my phone (as I'm rarely too far from a computer...) but recall exactly what you're describing.

I agree with you the mobile access leaves much to be desired. TuDiabetes is built on the ning platform and I believe that the mobile version simply reflects the limits of ning. Hopefully this will improve as TuDiabetes evolves in newer versions of ning.

I also do as acidrock23 does and visit the full site using my smartphone.

Tried that but was redirected. Maybe ill spend some time on it another day.

With the migrated site, you should have a significantly improved experience on your iPad and/or iPhone.