Moderate Kidney Failure

Where are the kidney research centers and doctors that I need to get in touch with for help? Something I have always dreaded and will kill us is now apart of my life. 56 years with diabetes and here comes the end result? Any names or help would be appreciated~Thsnks~~~Sande

Google lists many. But you didn’t say where you live, so I can’t help you much. Perhaps you could do what I did and google “kidney research centers” Kidney disease doctors, etc. They are listed by state. Should be pretty easy to find what is in your area.

Sande, I’m so sorry to hear about the struggle that you are facing! Please keep us posted on how you are doing!!

I don’t have any suggestions for the medical team, but I hope that you are able to find competent people in your area. Have you asked your endo?


I am so sorry to hear of the issue. I dread it myself, and I understand how awful it is. I see you live in GA, and i have heard good things about Emory and Peidmont. I have never used these places and do not know anything personally about them, I have just heard they are good. One of the two, I think Emory, is a national center of excellence, when you seek out a program look for a national center of excellence.

Hang in there Sande. We are with you and we wan to hep if we can.

rick phillips

Thanks Rick, I thought of Emory but its nearly three hours from where I live. I was surprised to hear they had made me an appt in Dec with a kidney doctor in Macon. I had already heard things about their Macon clinic and don’t care to go there. I will call Emory tomorrow. Thanks for replying and thank all of you for caring. One thinks this won’t happen, but I just fouind out it will and does happen, no matter how well you think you’re doing a good job on your pump~~sande


Sorry:( Can only imagine how scared you must feel.

Been many years since I lived in Atlanta, but there must be good nephrologists there. Pain to travel three hours & I can relate. I live in a small town in VA & there are only two endos in my region. Both are awful & I have to drive far to go to a doctor.

Sending all good thoughts your way.

Hello Sande:
I have 56 years under my belt also. I have been seeing a nephrologist for a few years. I went on the pump about 5 years ago and was able to get my A1c’s in the 6 and 7 range. My creatinine is in the upper limits of normal so I too am hoping and praying my kidneys hold out for me. Strict control is of the essence. You cannot reverse kidney damage but you can stop it from getting worse.
My husband, not diabetic, was on hemodialysis for 5 years before he got a kidney. He received a transplant in 2004 and is absolutely feeling perfect and normal. He takes his anti-rejection medication twice a day. He is a true example that there is life after dialysis.
I do hope that you get a good nephrologist and get the assistance you need. Good control is very important.
Good luck to you and I hope your kidneys hold out for you.

Yes, this is scary, I worry about it also! Hope it will work out for you!


I am so sorry that you have to face one of the things that we all fear.
I can only offer my well-wishes and hope you are able to find the answers you need and hopefully treatment that will work.

I see a really great Nephrologist here in Detroit for my CKD. Under his care, I am taking vitamin D, iron, and prescription supplements, which has helped to restore my energy level. I have seen a decrease in my creatinine level, and feel much better. My wife sees the same doctor, and has had similar results. It has really made a huge difference in our quality of life. Good luck!

Please tell me the name of the nephrologist that you appreciate.
The first I saw at St John (Main) was a complete waste of time.