Monday Evening

Well it is 7pm and things are a bit better, the pain has faded, is now only in my neck and head. I think the headache is from lack of sleep, I did sleep some, in fact my daughter came home for lunch at 1:15 and I was asleep, she had to call my cell to get me to open the door (she forgot her key). I did not do much today, went to mail some things to my best friend and got my daughter her Mt Dew, that she cannot live without. I make BBQ pork for dinner, not much but better than nothing I guess. I called me dad, he goes back to the Dr tomorrow for pain management, he had Degenerative Disc Disease, so he is pain alot too. They have a new thing they can insert into his back to block the pain receptors in his brain, not sure if he will do that or just go for the needle in the back. I hope whatever he decides, that something helps, he is 80 and still loves to cut his own grass, with his back the way it is, he can’t do much. He doesn’t even go to the store anymore, my sister Karen goes for him and brings him dinner. I was going to go over to his house, but he told me to stay home and rest, he knows how much pain I am in and says that I should take it easy. I know he is lonely since my mom passed in 2001, he just won’t admit it, very proud Scottish man. Anyway, I guess that’s all for now.