Well today turned out to be rather good day for me, I don’t hurt too bad. The humidity was bad and tried to stay in the house for most of the day. I did take my daughter over to her boyfriends house, would have let her take the car but she stays till Sunday late and would rather not be without a car. I find it hard to take my meds today, as I don’t hurt and I feel ok, but I know I have to take them and now that Brittany (my daughter) is gone I have to give myself my own shots, I don’t mind doing it, just would rather she do it. I have added new music to my player, some of it is classic rock and there are some songs that are really old. I have a large range of music that I do like, from Country all the way to some of the new stuff that Brittany likes to listen to. Well here is to one good day this week, let’s hope that there are more to come.

You have a Brittany too? That’s my youngests name! Glad to hear your having a good day so far!! Always take your meds wheather you think your better or not!! That’s what my dr always says!!