Better Day

Well today has been a much better day. Sugars have stayed under 140 all day. I still feel like I am swallowing glass with throat, but I am on Lortab, cough syrup with codeine, and I have oral lidocaine. Today was my last day of antibitiocs. Hopefully one go around of Z pack helps with that. I am also still taking the Zofran and drinking gatorade. I have yet to try to eat anything today, but I do think I am going to try either some soup or applesauce tonight. I have a week to do 3 weeks worth of school work, 2 back weeks and then the current week of work. My doctor told me today he wanted me to do 2 hours of homework and then in bed for 2 hours until mid week next week. He is really thinking that my body just got to run down and stressed to handle with the strep. He said he has really never seen me not be able to bounce back from an illness. Normally after 48 hours I am back up at full speed but I just can’t do it this time. I guess this weekend will be a fun filled weekend of papers and more papers.

LOL how true it is that I need to clean my room. Had company from out of town for a week and then came down with the strep so not much has gotten done.

Cody, Glad you are feeling better I have had a go around with that b/4 it’s not fun. Good to dee you have not lost your wit. Talk to u later.

Glad you’re feeling better! I say go with the applesauce. If it is cold it will help numb your throat on the way down and hopefully make the glass shards smoother.