Well, it’s monday and my town is under the snow!!! I don’t want to go outside. Yesterday I read a lot: the forums, discussions, saw many profiles. I must say that it was very interesting and it helped me to understand one thing: I ate too much carbs. So this morning, I only ate 3 krisprolls and my coffee and put 4 units of Apidra because I was bg at 1,45. Two hours after : 1,35. So nice. My Lantus shot is at seven in the morning (11 units). For meal I only took 60 g of carbs ( I used to eat 100g of carbs and two pieces of french bread) and 4 units o Apidra. So I’m starting a new life! Thank you so much.
I don’t like cold weather, I like the sun and hot days. When it’s hot my bg go down. Not too much (not severe lows). Now the rain is falling on Lyon. in a few days it’s my birthday and I can’t believe that I’m still alive after my heart operation and all the medications I take everyday. It’s strange but for me, insulins are not in my medications. It’s my life. Strange feelings but insulins are my best friends since 1967 so…
I don’t know how I can explain the feeling inside me but I’m very happy to write in this blog, to tell all my new friends that I learnt a lot with them.
Hope you’re happy too.

H Brigitte…it’s taken me 5 years to realize I was eating too many carbs…cutting back obviously helps with high #'s, but also lows and weight control. We just have to try to do the best we can.

I am in awe of people like yourself who have been dealing with this for so long. Congratulations on your great attitude and thanks for sharing your happy thoughts.

Good luck to you. Happy Birthday!

thanks for sharing this with us, it gives us some input as what kind of weather, feelings, and lifestyle to look forward to when we have to make new adjustments and such with our life as well. i know that in time our body only has a certain amount of tolerance everytime our meds are changed but its nice to know that when its cold it makes a difference, cause i recently had a long period of highs these past three months and they finally put me on insulin and metformin along with my glipizide. so thanks for sharing your story and continue please. oh happy birthday too! patti