Monday Monday sounds like a song coming up

Monday morning blood glucose sugars over 10 have a body cold sweating profusely,pillows and sheets had to be changed why I am sweating like this I have no idea it may be a reaction to one of the pills I take daily the count is now up to 13 that reminds me need to take victoza, all done birds chirping away outside the kitchen window just waved goodbye to the wife as she drove away so left to my own devices until tea time,the wind is howling and rain is falling well just drizzling at the moment smudge has been out came in had breakfast spent a long time cleaning herself and is now stretched out on the window sill soaking in all the warmth from the radiator below her
Last week was not a notable one in as far am blood sugars were higher most days,it is coming up to my 6 monthly diabetic checkup hope I have managed to loose a bit more weight, I have to confess since becoming diabetic every day is more than a challenge having forgotten my anti depression pills for 3 days has not helped I could feel me slipping into the pit again getting agitated by some people who should know better still back on track again,the being alone all day syndrome is hard I would rather be out working earning a crust and having my self respect back I use to think it was just a matter of time but other conditions are having affects on my daily life,the gout is very painful so painful I cannot raise either arm above my shoulders and trying to sleep is so painful when you go to the doctors there is always another pill to try feel like a guinea pig in a test lab poor creatures.
Looking forward to my 64 th birthday but we have our five children’s birthdays before mine out son is 40 this year we are getting him a cake keep it quite if you can it is a surprise,sweating again anyone know how to calm it down,time for breakfast with an insulin chaser to follow the weather is still drab but the birds are still chirping away.