Monster energy drinks

Is it safe for a type 1 diabetic to drink Lo-Carb Monster Energy drinks? Ever since I was diagnosed (about a month ago), I haven’t had one since I don’t know if it could have any serious effects.

Probably as safe as drinking a diet coke!

honestly i wouldn’t drink them, there not good for people without diabetes, they sure can’t be good for people with. But i see no reason to splurge in it from time to time.

Safe? What’s in the drink? Like Arielle said, you can eat and drink anything, you just have to be willing to keep track of how it affects you. I’d not waste insulin on a Monster Energy Drink as I’d rather have a bannana. The only effect the drink will have is raising your bg. Even low carb will do this.

They told me it wasn’t that bad for a diabetic than a non-diabetic, it affects your heart and some people can have heart attacks with those drinks. Also, it is not approved from the FDA. I drink it once in a while cause my sugar levels go high. Like yesterday i had one and i woke up with 276.


Monster drinks taste like ■■■■ though. I like the diet Red Bulls much better.

I drink one everyday, its my version of coffee LOL

the caffeine can and probably will make you go slightly high. I’d see how it affects you before you start correcting though :slight_smile:

Drink em up Jonesy…5-Hour Energy FTW!

Jason aka Oneless, how do you know what ■■■■ tastes like, this is all very revealing.

Check the can label for carbs and sugars. From there, you can make the determination.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI


Oh, Jo, are you evil!


I know, I know !

same here

Well come now, you know it’s gotta be sweet. :slight_smile:

My son has tried some Monster and 5hr energy… wow his numbers went through the roof!!! He seems insulin resistant on the stuff! Anyone else have this?

I drank regular Monsters until i figured out i only needed them if my sugar was low…all day! Those things spike me like nothing else and it lasts a whole day. Sacrry stuff. Now im on water and coffee. What a change

Yes… I was thinking he was sick. This is the most out of control and insulin resistant he has ever been! He seems fine if he just has reg. diet sodas…but Monster even low carb and that 5hr stuff! Yikes!!

Yeah…i stay away now. Im in the middle of breaking my caffine addiction currently. Its rough in the mornings. Also, as by reading my last statement, I cant spell either (sacry…scarry) lol

ROFl I didn’t even notice your misspelling!!!

And I didnt even spell it right the 2nd time either!!! (scary…sacry) Sheesh I quit!!!