The cat the dog and a wish

The Shire is back to normal now all white stuff gone slippery paths roads free of ice so at least we can get about well those who are able too,the magic of a white landscape always reminds me of my childhood...........had to let smudge in she meoweed as she ran past my feet looking in now through the patio door windows is a large tabby male who I have named Brian made the mistake of feeding him some weeks back now he calls every day and sometimes brings his friends anisha who is black and white has lovely looking face and often meows at thew window then there is crinkle a ginger and white cat a bit weary of me and runs away but comes back when I go inside all in all 5 to 6 cats pass this way daily not sure smudge likes it much she gives me the cold shoulder sometimes sits on the arm of the settee with her back to me flicking her tail form side to side.
Not feeling too good today Angel and I both sneezing last night in bedtaking lemsip blackcurrent drink seems to help for a while but not sure id I should bew taking it with all my medication,you know being diabetic is enought without the ticky heart but what the heck while I have them they might leave some other person alone wishfull thinking I know,but when you feel rotten every day a cold of worse flu is not funny.

Smudge wondered off to bed she is meowwwing I can hear her she wants me to go to bed as well funny how animals try to help you like my doggy who died 12 months ago next week when i was low and that was most of the time he would snuggle up to me wagging his tail not all of it as it was cut off when hes was a puppy they use to do that years ago his hot tongue on my hand and his horrible smelling breath bless him got me through some really dark menacing days when clearly I was not myself depression is a beast to be avoided at all costs.
Back to today blood sugar 19.6 taken extra insulin and watching what I shovel into my mouth today to easy to forget and stuff your face with food usually the wrong sort of food for heart and diabetic folks like me,
when I was a deciple of the weed(tobbaccooooo) I told myself the only way I would ever stop is if I was hospitalised and could not get to fags funny how life is I had a massive heart attack in 2004 nerly died and have not smoked since so BEWARE what you wish for someone is always looking and listening.