More Stuff in My Life (Part 2)

Our vacation plans have changed, as plans sometimes do… Instead of a week in June in Nice, France, it is now two weeks in July somewhere TBD around Antalya, Turkey. I got a Hep A vaccine Thursday in preparation for the trip. Hep A vaccine is recommended by the CDC for travel to Turkey. Me being a bit immune-deficient (from immunosuppresent drugs), I did as suggested. My contact at the kidney post-transplant center said that this common vaccine is no problem to me since it is not a live virus.

I am about to go to the office at 8 on a Sunday evening for a few hours work in prep for the upcoming week.

Hope you have a great time on your trip - did you switch because of costs - I went to Europe for the first time last summer - one of my college-age daughters had an internship in France - I joined her after she was done & we spent 3 weeks exploring France & Germany (Ruoen, Paris, Lyon, Avignon, Strawsburg in France - Rothenburg & Munic & Kehl (my maiden name) in Germany) - my biggest diabetic related problem was the constant lows I had from the greatly increased walking we did - we traveled by train & usually walked or rode buses or subway to our hotels & to all the sights we saw - I had to cut my bolus in half and still needed to eat a french pastry for breakfast to keep from going low (my 21 year old daughter is fast walker!) - so I figure I could have terrific control if I only walked 4-6 miles per day!)