Morning Sickness TRIGGERED by low blood sugar?

I’ve noticed the ONLY time I feel nauseous is when my blood sugar is dropping. Which is a special kind of hell as I clearly need to eat to bring up my blood sugar but I’m extremely nauseous in the process. Anyone else? Any tips?

I almost never get nausea, but some pain pills following surgery made me a bit queasy–Zofran nearly instantly stopped the nausea.

Low blood sugar can cause nausea–you don’t need to be preggers to feel it when low.

Good luck!

That was the only morning sickness i got too. It seemed like if i caught the lows early enough the sickness wasnt as bad and it got A LOT better by the end of the first tri.

Find something you like which makes it easier to treat the lows. Before pregnancy i used tablets but i can’t stomach them now, i had to switch to apple juice. Hang in there, it gets better!