Most Crazy thing EVER!

Yesterday I did the most crazy thing ever with one of my friends! Well, I am going to start by telling you how we came up with this idea. Me and my friend wanted to make a fan video for Nick Jonas since we are both big fans and we came up with the idea of asking the fans to send us videos saying why is nick jonas their inspiration and why did they like him. Unfortunately we didn’t recieve enough videos. So, we then went to the mall and ask random people, STRANGERS if they liked Nick Jonas and why, It was soo humilliating and funny!

Some girls were nice and collaborated with us but some others were like "get out of here!" ha! But it was a nice experience cause now I can say I'm not embarrased of doing something really stupid! ha! I also found a girl who is a Diabetic and we talked there for a while, she was a fan as me cause Nick Jonas has Diabetes too.

So I actually had fun yesterday! We are supposed to uupload tthe final video in March 11 cause in that day in 2007 NicK said for first time publicly he had Diabetes...For us fans is like Nick Jonas Day!

Have you ever made something really stupid? or Have you ever made something you never thought you would do? I DID! well I'll do anything for Nick Jonas. ha! :D


That sounds great. Not stupid at all. Looking forward to the video.

Make sure you post the link to the video here so we can all see it!

Can’t wait to see the video! Awesome courage to walk up to people you don’t know and interview them! More pwer to you! =)

I will I’m uploading right now but it takes time