Thinking about requesting Mounjaro prescription from my doctor at next visit.

Experiences? Opinions?

I’ve read (and heard) good things about Mounjaro’s ability to reduce both A1c and weight.
But I’m not sure I want to deal with the side effects – even if temporary.
Not to mention the Black Box warnings.
Anybody else ???

If you’re a type 2 taking long-acting basal Lantus with limited success (8.2 A1c) plus 10+ lb. weight gain, would you choose to add short-acting mealtime bolus insulin or Mounjaro (which supposedly helps lower both A1c and weight)? That’s what I’ll be discussing with doc next week…
Would like to hear your thoughts.

This is a pretty good article on the drug
Mounjaro: Its Powerful Potential to Treat Type 2 Diabetes & Obesity.

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I started on it in January with no side effects and no weight loss either. Right now I’m out and CVS has none and their suggestion is I “call around to see if I can find any”. My last A1C a couple week ago was 5.9. Impossible to tell how much is due to Mounjaro or the other meds in my diabetes regimen. Prior numbers were 6.5, 6.3, 6.2. If you did start on it, hope you can still get it.

Thanks so much for the reply, Zander. Your A1c seems to be going in the right direction, and I hope that you can “find” some more Mounjaro, soon.
I was sort of prepared to be prescribed Mounjaro at my appointment two weeks ago, but my doc and I decided to go with adding mealtime insulin (Humalog) to the long-acting Lantus that I was already taking.
Not sure if I’m not being aggressive enough with it, yet, but 3U Humalog twice a day doesn’t seem to be having much more effect than the 30U Lantus I’m currently taking twice a day.
(66 TDD – total daily dose). Any suggestions appreciated.
I may consult with an endo, and may also eventually end up with Mounjaro. I’d be more interested in Mounjaro if it were more readily available.

what bothers me with these weight loss injections. They were developed with diabetics in mind. While not overly expensive they have gone up in price sense the FDA is allowing them to be prescribed to non-diabetics for strictly weight management. I’m on Victoza. I use to get 3 pens for 30 dollars. Now I get 2 pens At my dosage it was $0.66 per dose. Now it’s up to $1.00 per dose. A pen last me 15 day 2 pens 30 day. Where I was getting 45 day out of the script.

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I’ve been using Mounjaro for 10 months with excellent results. My A1C is 5.2, my weight is down 30 pounds and I feel good. No side effects.
It’s cost prohibitive in the US without insurance. Has anyone purchased it from a reliable Canadian pharmacy?

Mounjaro has been a great experience for me. In 5 months I am down over 60 pounds, and my insulin intake is down over 30%. No side effects except for some mild nausea on the first couple of days after the injection. Last A1C (after being in it for 2 months) was still good at 5.7. I am fortunate to have insurance that covers it but I know a lot of people going out of pocket serious $$$ to get their hands on it for weight loss alone.


I’m glad your insurance covers it Devildog! Mine has denied the claim. Boo! I’m researching Canadian pharmacies.

Hi John - I’m a type 2 diabetic and the cost of Mounjaro in the US is astronomical if insurance doesn’t cover it. Where do you buy yours?

My Victoza is by subscription. Get it at CVS

I consider myself very fortunate with the benefits that I have. I know several people paying north of $1000.00 a month for it. Hopefully the coupons will kick back in, and follow the FDA approval, now that it is available to be prescribed for weight loss alone. This drug is an amazing resource for anyone and everyone, and it makes me sad that more people cannot get access to it. My own sister in law NEEDS it, and cannot get access to it because of her coverage.

Wouldn’t non-diabetics using Mounjaro for weight loss alone run the risk of blood sugar going too low? Seems like they’d be better off using Ozempic, which specializes in weight loss more than BG control. Mounjaro is reported to do both, and seems more appropriate for type 2s looking to lower their blood sugar.
Is there still a shortage of Mounjaro?

Hi there, re Mounjaro – I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year, and right now I’m at the .5 dose over the last 2 months. My a1c was steady at 6.0 and Mounjaro has pushed it down to 5.7 and I’m hoping to see a further reduction next time I’m tested. I also take Metformin EX. So far, no weight loss, but I have noticed less appetite. I previously tried Ozempic and that was terrible for me with miserable intestinal distress. I had to give it up. Prior to Ozempic, I had lost about 50 lbs. through added exercise and improved diet with a good nutritionist. The Ozempic push me down about 15 lbs further, but I don’t know if it was really due to the drug or the side effects. I could hardly eat anything without misery. I was off it for about 6 months, and put back those 15 lbs, so now I want to lose those again, and about 50 more eventually. On the whole, it is harder to lose weight as an older woman, particularly due to hormonal changes that come with aging. The two bad things about Mounjaro are obtaining it – I couldn’t get it for a month at one point, and if you are on a Medicare Part D plan, the exorbitant co-pay in the donut hole.