Moving Along... Slowly but surely!

Finally heard something regarding getting a pump. This has been a challenge in getting a pump, they don't make it easy! So, They are just waiting on my bloodwork, but my insurance plan covers pump at 80%, the first 12 months is $100 including supplies, and it goes down to $30 thereafter. I asked about change in insurance once I start working in a few months (currently have Humana supplement plan) and she said it would just be transferred over and at that point my payments would most likely decrease at that point.

Soooo.... Moving along!

My situation is almost like yours. Currently I am in a holding pattern waiting for the insurance company to give in on approving the pump that my doctor recommended. I am getting the Medtronics 530g elite. Since is new on the market, it not approved by my insurance company. What a crock of crap! Like in the military, Hurry up and wait! This is my health, not the insurance company!

I hear ya *hugs*

Tim, did you get approved?