Moving and work

Sorry I have not been around a lot I have been busy packing, moving, and unpacking for starters while still working full time. Now almost done with getting up fence for son to play outside I am guessing about another 2 weeks and have lots done and can start on the painting. We lived in a very small mobile home that I was re-doing and had gotten half way there so little living space and we are now in a 1200 square foot home buying furniture and appliances to completely start over it is a lot of work but after it is settled will be worth all that was put into it. One thing is that no more garden in pots I can put it into the ground there is a weekend of work, lol and that is all I need with all that is going on so I hope to be on more soon as I get caught up around here.

One thing that freaks me out most is moving…packing and unpacking…LOL In my lifetime, I think I did that 3 times. Much more when I moved about half a globe away when I got married! I wish you all the best on that =) Indeed it is a lot of work, but starting over…new stuffs and decorating anew could be a lot of fun too. Hope you and your family settles down soon and I wish you the best on your new home!

Hi Phill: :slight_smile:

Oh Excellent what you are doing. Cool, more space and a yard for you’s to enjoy and to plant a garden. Heaven! I can imagine how hard it has been for you with work and Diabetes on top. I hope that everything falls into place for you all soon. Good Luck in your new home.

Thanks Teena I am now in rest mode as i just got back from the hospital and xray shows no break but I have to schedule and appt with a specialits for next week untill then bed rest.

thanks Terry lets see what happens next, lol

Got back from the specialist and lucky only bad sprain with a small fractore will get to wear a boot to heal with time.