Sorry I haven't been around a lot

So much going on right now. The kids made it back ok, I finally got all new cards and passport, although I haven’t had a chance to go get my residency permit for my new pass. But that’s ok as long as I don’t leave the European Union until thats done (like that won’t happen till next summer!)

But work is keeping me busy. My friend and co-worker, Lisa, the only other American at my workplace, was dx with acute leukemia 2 weeks into the new school year. Not only are we sad, but it’s left us short handed. It will be hard to replace her spirit though, she was a good teacher. I visited her last week, but now she is in iso so I don’t know how long it will be before I can visit again. I did bring her lots of junk food from the American food store in the city, so I hope that will last her a bit!

My husbands grandmother has terminal liver cancer, I saw her in the summer, she was still looking spry, visited her on Sunday and I just tried not to break down during the visit. She looked so frail and was upset that she was in a wheelchair as she is too weak to walk. I hope to see her again soon… She was so happy that we were able to bring the kids to visit her in the hospital.

Nikki just started 4th grade! OMG I have a 4th grader! A new teacher, new building, so all new training. No problems, she is running a bit low, constantly adjusting her basals. For being in school, they sure keep them busy! She’s excited that we let her join the Pottery Club, and enjoys the afternoons at the afternoon park program with her friends (the only place I didn’t have to retrain! LOL) Her next appt is Sept 11th, and I think her A1c will definately have dropped, I hope so because she usually ends up higher after the holidays…

My son Quinn is in his second year of a Finnish home daycare. They don’t have Kindergarten here, only “pre-school” so he will officially start that next Aug at my workplace. Luckily I WON’T be his teacher!

And last but not least, for a little joy, we’re getting a puppy! A blue merle sheltie, we’re naming her Atla and she can come home with us on Sept 27th.

So I’ve pretty much started this year running full tilt, and hopefully won’t fall flat on my face…