Working Again

Finally, after a few months of having no money of my own, I am working again at a place where I’ve been before and have a good reputation. My family (mostly my mother, grandmother, and aunt) seem to think that I won’t be able to handle the outside work while maintaining good glucose control. So far I have had a few highs during the first week, but I’m still getting used to the new routine. I think this week should hopefully turn out a little better. Meanwhile, my Medicaid STILL hasn’t started yet, so once I get my first check, I’ll stock up on strips, needles, tablets. prep pads, but I’ll still have to get my insulin samples from the endo.

Good luck on your new job !

You get an A+ for always asking questions and educating yourself her on TU…keep up the good work. And Tidy that room like Josephine said!!!

Love your cute cats!!! I have a pic of our daughter’s room when she was 17 (now almost 25), with stuff ALL OVER the floor…anyway, in the midst of what was scattered about, was our cat Meeko…we had the pic enlarged, and mounted…and it became a game of “Where’s Meeko”…as in “Where’s Waldo”. You couldn’t spot her right away, even though she was looking right AT the camera lol :slight_smile: