Moving, pregnant and scared

Hi everyone,
I’m moving to Santa Barbara in a few weeks and an extensive online search for a good endo (someone who would work with me and my low carb diet) along with a high risk obgyn has been unsuccessful. Most everyone I’ve seen online has had such horrible reviews that I’m freaking out since I recently learned I’m pregnant! I’m LADA with recent bolus insulin introduction into my life along with the FreeStyle Libre “CGM”. Any recommendations for an endo and a high risk obgyn would be awesome. I’m willing to drive down to LA, if that’s what it’s going to take.

I’ve considered Sansum where Lois Jovanovic worked but came across an islet study she did in the 90’s where they injected infected islet cells into people most of whom got HIV and other diseases.

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Hi Kio, I am sorry you are scared and pregnant. It is a time in your life for you to be happy and confident and relaxed. Is it possible to move out of Santa Barbara to find an endo. I do so hope someone here will have some suggestions for you.

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I don’t think you need to go far at all, Lois jovanovic died, but if you’d feel more comfortable at another establishment, cottage health looks good also. I’ve moved around a lot, and finding the right endo or nurse practitioner is usually subjective, you may need to do your own research on meds and cgms first, also kaiser permanente is big in California, so they may be an option also.

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Try Anne Peters in LA. She’s very empathetic, and her husband has type 2. She’s a coauthor on this low-carb paper:

It concerns type 2, but it means she’s not opposed to such diets.

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Hi @Pastelpainter, I’d be willing to drive to Los Angeles for a good OB and or Endo. Bummed out that I have to leave my awesome team at Joslin and Beth Israel behind at a time when I need them the most :sob:

I’ll keep looking around. Maybe online is just too negative and going there will give me a different picture of how things are :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @roger5, I looked at Sansum and spoke with one of Lois Jovanovic’s collaborators. The only thing that threw me off was the carelessness with how research was performed there (I’ve only seen one example but even that is a lot when it comes to someone’s life) so I’m a bit hesitant about going with them. It took me many years to find the team I found at Joslin so for now mostly hoping to find someone who can at least do the bare minimum, prescribe insulin etc. if not more.

Thanks @gretchen for the paper. I’ll check out Anne Peters!

Just a thought depending on how often you need face time at clinic. If you are willing to drive to LA, maybe would only be an extra hour to drive to Joslin in Irvine? Not sure if that is an option but just thought I would throw it out as a maybe possibility.

I used to live in California, stay in Santa Barbara… 1 hour =2 with traffic… not worth it… probably 2 hours just to drive through LA, finding someone close will be key…plus with the Millions of people and doctors, if they are bad, all You have to do is go to the other diabetic center down the street…

@CJ114 I had no idea there was a Joslin in Irvine! I’ll check it out. Thanks!

@roger5 I agree, it would suck to have to drive to LA often but I’d be happy to do it if that’s where my OB + perinatologist end up being. However, I’m hoping to find someone closer.

@Kio - my friend (originally from LA) flies back (from Boston) to LA to see Anne Peters! If you can get into her practice, I know she comes highly recommended! Best of luck to you! Jessica

@Jessica. Thank you for the recommendation.

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