Mr down

Mr Down

They called him Mr Down
But all his numbers were
He was happy that" high" came
His way
Till chemotherapy started
And all his hair was lost,
Fell "down"
He could not bend to pick it up
And he hates wigs so much
Mr Down spent his days
Raising up his spirits
And endlessly,

( A Down syndrome boy who is diabetic and got leukemia lately )


Listed so many numbers,
Listed so many….
But they forgot
I am fighting
To be out of all numbers
"Me" is still proud
Though my numbers,
Are not


Her voice echoed in my being
So lively
She could not see me when she finished
But she felt my heart
Her lovely blind eyes searched the sky
And her soul, pointed at me
Her lovely voice is not blind
Her lovely voice,
Can see

7 April,2012