It is a long way up

When I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetis I really thought it was the end but it did explain why I had been low and often ill after eating meals cakes sugar fags were on my daily diet to be honest I never gave it a secong thought, depression bout after another ups and downs were a daily routine crabby and ill tempered with life even before I was diagnosed.


I had been taking lactulose for years no wonder my sugar levels went throug hthe roof, every time I visted the doctor he would keep prescribing lactolose not idea how you spell it, when the doctor took a sample of my blood and said you are diabetic I had no idea what it meant except the way he said itit did not sound good.

I really have never recovered from that inital contact with diabetis, you can be surrounded by loving family pouring out there love yet you can feel alone in a world of billions, crazy mixed up humans full of emotions feelings and doubts, when you sit down and look at your diabetis it is a condition carefully managed your life need change little but how many of us can sit down and take a cool hard look at how we live eat and interact with those around us.

14 years later I am able to sit down and take a good look, often saying no to that cake pudding or drink our taste buds can be our worst enemy listening to the soldiers love songs free in the daily mail some weeks ago and even sitting here quite the feelings come to the surface how some music can lift your soul take you to places you thought yoiu had forgotten.

The weght piled on as my insulin dose increased getting into clothes was a problem and yes your self asteem does plumett but all the ingrediants to feel better are ther you just have to find where they are hiding.

No idea what 14 years of diabetis has done to my body, only to say my body has seen better days admittedly a long time ago but there is a place a long time ago where I am aiming for ther is a fitter slimmer better person somewhere inside me let you know if I find him.

I hear you. Depression is rough and when you’re diabetic you have to keep momentum.

The important thing is to keep taking action and remember that it’s a journey. It’s important to remember the good times & that you can find happiness in wonderful places.

Wish you the best with finding your inner you.

I found that life with diabetes is like a road full of pot holes, but with keeping an eye on the road an a eye on the horizon you can possiblly avoid some of the pot holes