Multiple children with type one

Does anyone have 2 type one children?I have 2 children with type one- one diagnosed at age 14 one at 20. It seems to me my third child sho is 13 may be developing it as well. We are keeping a close eye on him.

I do not have 2 children with Type 1 - however my DH and his sister are both Type 1. She was dx at age 12 and he was dx at age 24. (similar to your children) Our dd was dx at age 7 and we have 3 children. So far no other dx.

Not to take away from this site - bc this is a great site = but there are several people with multiple children with Type 1 at children with

I have two children with Type 1. My first was diagnosed when she ws 4, now 16, and my second was diagnosed this year at age 10. For me, it’s been amazing watching him go through what she did at his age…while noticing, now, the management differences.

I am so glad I found this forum…I have been reading through alot of posts, but this is my first time posting.

I have 2 boys with T1. Youngest son dx at age 2 and oldest son dx 2 years ago, at age 12. They are now almost 13 & 14 yrs. We have really noticed the difference in responsibility & self-management. Our 12 year old was so used to us doing everything for him…carbs/dosing etc, and has had a hard time adjusting to self-managing. Oldest son, much more cautious & picked up on everything so quickly. He takes very good care of himself, he has seen his little brother struggle w/lows, seizures, etc. The “good” part is that they have really bonded & don’t feel so alone in their d-world.

We don’t have any other children to have to worry about them being dx’d, but I worry all the time about myself. No other family history has been found. I have noticed that my fasting blood glucose has slowly increased over that few years & am wondering if I have LADA. I have begun testing my blood randomly during the day also & it never seems to go below 100.

Are there any other non-diabetic (or previously non) parents out there w/ type 1 kids that have been dx’d? Do you see an endo for yourselves even if you have not been dx’d? I have my fasting glucose tested as part of yearly checkup, but am thinking maybe I should have an endo for myself, just to be safe.

Two of my four sons have Type 1 Diabetes. The first was diagnosed September 2009 at age 10, his 9 y/o brother was diagnosed exactly six weeks later =(. Two weeks ago, my other two sons, my husband and I all went in for screening. We are anxiously awaiting the results.

I came across you posting and your question. I have 3 children and my oldest, who is 16, was recently be dx’d this year. I was dx’d in 2006 being Type 2 because of elevated fasting levels (250 mg/dl). I had all the classic symptoms of diabetes except for the DKA. Just recently my sugar control has worsen so I seen my PCP. After arguing with my PCP he referred me to an Endo only to realize my PCP has misdiagnosed me and I am LADA. The problem you get into is most Endo’s in my area will only take you on a referrel basis. So you either have to argue with your PCP to give you referrel or find a PCP who will give you referrel. After 3 years of having LADA, and not Type 2, I wish I would have been under the care of an Endo who knew diabetes management. PCP’s do not have a great deal of experience in Type 1 or LADA. Seems that all they want to do is give Metformin (which they think is the miracle drug).

I wish you best of luck.