Multiple Dexcom devices in bluetooth settings

I’ve just started giving X Drip+ a try. One thing I noticed is that there are 4 Dexcom devices listed in my bluetooth settings. The names are Dexcom01, Dexcom9X, DexcomDK and DexcomNK. The only option for each is “Unpair.” None of them show as being connected by turning blues and saying “Connected for…” My phone is getting data so at least one of them is connected. Should I not worry about it? Should I delete all of them, some of them? Is there a way to get more info about a bluetooth device? Thanks!

Those are xmitter codes. not to worry or unpair allbut current xmitter code

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don’t worry about them. just be sure that if xDrip loses the connection to your current xmitter, if you choose “forget device” in System Status, in a few minutes or so, you’ll see a pop-up window asking to confirm the current xmitter code. Choose yes. If you miss it, it should link up anyway.

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I think the last 2 digits after dexcom are same as last 2 digits of trans id, if using G6.

You might think about deleting the old transmitters so that the listing will not confuse you. I have done that a few times.

Ah, yes! My current is 01, which I’m pretty sure is the one the phone is connecting to as it closest to the top of the list. The previous one was DK and I recall one ending in 9X.

I might delete the old ones but since I don’t interact with them through the BT settings, confusing them won’t be an issue. The only option to unpair, and XDrip only connects to the current one.

Also, just FYI, XDrip was loosing the signal quite a bit. It seemed every time I looked at it, the last reading was more than 30 mins prior. And I could not, for the life of me, get it to reconnect. For the last 24 hrs or so it seems to be pretty stable. I’m glad, but don’t magical solutions. I like to know why a problem occurred.

Thanks a bunch, all. Looks like I’m on my way.


Hello Everyone,

Just FYI, I did not delete the old Dexcom transmitter when swapping in a new one and it caused all kinds of issues with other Bluetooth devices on my phone. After deleting the older transmitter from Bluetooth settings, everything worked out perfectly.


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I’m late to this thread but I wuz gonna say… The multiple ones are from old transmitters and like @mm1 says the designators correspond to the old G6 transmitter id’s. Dexcom recommends “forgetting” all but the current one, as multiple ones can sometimes cause BT dropouts due to the processor just grabbing the first one it hits rather than reading the whole code to get to the correct one. Not sure if that’s in a manual somewhere but it’s what I was told on a support call when I was having way too many dropouts, and it turned out I had about 8 old connections still registered in my BT prefs.