Removing + inserting same Dexcom transmitter (after battery replacement)

Hi guys

I have just done a battery replacement on my Dexcom G5 sensor. I used JB weld for the epoxy, which is now dry to the touch (been roughly 2 hours), but I want to wait 24 hrs before going in the shower with it.

If I install it tonight, then remove it before I take a shower, then install it after getting out of the shower, will I need to restart the sensor? Or will it reconnect on its own?

Also, should I reset the battery stats with xDrip after doing this battery replacement? First time I’ve done one.

should reconnect by itself.
Yes, reset the timer.

You should always do the hard reset on the transmitter so you can keep track of how many days usage you are getting from your batteries.

Thanks. I did that.

Crossing my fingers it gets past the 2 hours now. Almost done.

Just wondering if taking out the transmitter before and reinstalling it after shower will need a stop/start on my pump (tSlim X2) or if it will connect automatically.

It should reconnect without issues.
It will just show — or ???, or nothing while it isn’t connected.

Awesome, thanks!