Ok, so I am having a day where I feel like I could eat the entire contents of the fridge, plus a milkshake and a couple of cookies. Total sugar cravings!!! I have been able to quiet them by having some other snacks that make me feel satisfied, but it got me wondering - what are your "go to" snacks when you are ravenous/having a craving that you just can't justify as a diabetic?

Here are a few of mine:

-microwave popcorn - kettle corn is sweet and salty - and it takes a long time to eat so it helps me get my mind off of something like a hot fudge sundae
- This one is for when you really need something that feels indulgent: Take a mini ice-cream sandwich (15g carbs) and slice it open like a sandwich. Spread peanut butter in the middle and put the sandwich back together. This tastes waaaay more decadent and indulgent that it really is, and is less than 20 carbs.
-A squirt or 2 from a can of whipped cream - this always makes me feel like a kid and a little devilish. An entire can of whipped cream is 31 carbs, so a little squirt (right into the mouth!) every now and then should be ok.
-sugar free pudding - cook and serve tastes WAY better than instant, and is even good when still warm off the stovetop.

Any other good snacks for satisfying that sweet tooth in a way that minimally impacts blood glucose levels?

Kate (mom to M, 3, and baby boy on the way)

Ohhh, I love the ice cream sandwich idea!

Are you looking only for sweet snacks?

During pregnancy, I ate spinach, cheese and a boiled egg in a mug between meals when I was hungry. I also like cinnamon Splenda blend on toast.

When I was pregnant, I ate a lot of nuts and cheese (well, I still do!) But I had a really hard time with sweet cravings, too, especially toward the end, which was also when carbs were sending my blood sugars through the roof. I also ate a lot of sugar-free pudding. Something someone else posted that sounded good (but I haven't tried it) is ricotta cheese with cocoa powder (and splenda or whatever). I also experimented with some alternative "milks" that have fewer carbs than cow's milk--like sugar-free almond milk or coconut milk (the kind that comes in a box). Sometimes when I wanted hot chocolate, I would heat up a mug of one of those milks and add cocoa and vanilla and just a bit of sugar or sweetener. That can be satisfying, if you like that kind of hot drink.

Have you tried coconut ice-cream? There is one called "So Delicious", Pure coconat has only 19 grams of carbs per serving and 6g of fiber. t's organic and it doesn't have sugar, and is sweetened with agave syrup, which is natural. They do have sugar-free ice-cream (with erythritol), but I don't like it that much... I am sure you can find it in the stores around where you live (like Fred Meyer's, natural stores or co-ops).

I have been wanting to try this Ana, because I LOVE coconut milk! It's just really expensive and I've been waiting for it to go on sale (it's like $6.99 for a pint at my local co-op).

I may just go ahead and try it now that I've heard from an actual person(you) that it's good - I just didn't want to waste almost ten bucks on something that might be gross :)

Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Adding to the list -

Just discovered Nestle Quick "no sugar added" chocolate to add to milk. I add 2TBSP to 3/4 cup cold milk and add a little whipped cream on top - it's about 18 carbs all together and the closest thing to a milkshake I will get for a long time. :)

I love to eat cheese and crackers with pepperoni or sausage. Also, I noticed if I eat a bigger breakfast, lunch, and dinner then I don't crave as many snacks throughout the day.

Let me know what you think when you try it. It actually does go on sale occasionally. You just need to check once in a while. In our Safeway it goes down to as much as $3.99 with Safeway card, which is a steal!

Doesn't it have acesulfame potassium as a sweetener? Is it safe during pregnancy?

I was always under the impression that AP was safe?:

"Acesulfame Potassium: (Sunett) This sweetener is added to baked goods, frozen desserts, sugar free gelatins, puddings and beverages. Acesulfame Potassium has been deemed safe to use in moderation during pregnancy by the FDA."

I thought so, but my OB said it's better to stay away from artificial sweeteners just to be on the safe side. I do use stevia sometimes in my beverages though... when I absolutely need to make them sweet :)

I would definitely NOT take aspartame even if I was not pregnant. I heard pretty bad things about it... and I don't trust everything FDA says/approves... they approved drugs that turned out to be dangerous before.