Music Festivals and Insulin and Insulin Pumps

Hi all,

In a few months here, I will be going to a music festival called Electric Forest in Michigan. I am a type one diabetic and use the Animas Vibe. I am really trying to figure out the best way to store insulin and prevent my insulin in my pump from getting too hot when I will be outside 24/7. I am really looking for suggestions if anyone has done anything similar to this as a type one diabetic.

I contacted their medical tent people who will be there 24/7 and asked if they could store my insulin, which we are in the process of discussing, but I am really trying to find a way to make this a smooth transition for me for being outdoors for 4 days straight with no electricity.

Please let me know if you have done anything similar and have any helpful advice.


Any idea what the max outdoor temps are in that area? As long as you can keep it out of direct sunlight and temps don't get into the 100's you should be OK. Think about it--your insulin survives JUST FINE with it next to your body, which is quite warm. The biggest issue I see is direct sun exposure, like when I go to Vegas and lay out at a pool. I turn my pump around so that the pump is against my skin and the belt clip is then visible from the outside.

If you can't keep it cool, I'd consider using it for the several days you need; then discard it if you get plenty of insulin thru insurance. I say that, because in my house we have so much insulin, I just threw away 13 pens that were expired. there are 2 of us on insulin--my wife and I

One thing you do not want to do: do not take 3 months worth of insulin and store in a hot car!

100 degrees for the temperature-sensitive analog insulins is not OK if you are talking about multiple months of supplies. But 100 degrees is OK for 4 days.

I think you are fine in summer heat making sure you start out with a full pump reservoir, and backup supply appropriate for 4 days. The backup supply could be kept in a Frio or other tiny insulin cooler if you want.

Hi there! Temps can range anywhere from 60s to 80s

Thanks for your response!