My Adventures with my new Ping

I started with my new green Ping pump two weeks ago today. I was feeling kind of dissociated from the whole thing, and really scared, but over the weekend I started to sense the possibilities....and then on Suynday morning i heard an alarm--it said "no delivery"

I replaced the infusion set and restarted- same alarm. I called animas and we tried a number of different infusion sets and then filled and attempted to insert a new cartridge when if became apparent that the piston was frozen and would neither advance nor rewind.

So they sent me a new pump-which arrived on tuesday since they couldnt get it shipped out until Monday. And this one works fine, but it was a pretty unfortunate experience.

They tell me this never happens and they have never heard of an initial failure like this before. I have to assume there was some kind of manufacturing defect which caused the piston to freeze at a certain point the first time it got there, but of course I don't know.

Now I am doing well with the new pump. I can definitely see the kind of control I can have if this thing will actually work as it should, but I cant help but be afraid it will fail again.

I feel so dependent on it, it is not a plus to be quite this well aware of how fallible it can be right at the beginning.

I'm sorry you had this experience! I got my Ping ( a year ago January 3rd and haven't had any problems with it. The good thing is that Animas has good customer service and will work with you to solve problems, including sending you a new pump which is pretty cool!

The Pump is definitely a learning curve and I was pretty stressed out for the first month or so, especially since I have awful hand-eye coordination and it took me forever to get used to the sets. It also took awhile before my numbers were tweaked and I was in range. But now, like many people, I couldn't imagine every going back. It is just part of my life, and a much easier and more efficient way to deliver insulin. Hang in there through the learning curve. If you haven't already, read Pumping Insulin and your Ping manual, which has lots of useful info. Knowledge is power!

Welcome to world of the pump! I have an Animas Ping as well, and have had no problems with it. My basels have never even had to be changed. The pump works flawlessly and my A1-c has dropped significantly. I am sorry you has the problem. As I understand it, the Ping is a pretty dependable unit, so I believe yours was a fluke. Their customer service did what it should have, sent you a new pump. I am going to guess that it won't be long and you will wonder why you didn't start it sooner and how you got along without it.

Be well.

Brian Wittman