What happened? My insurance company agreed to send a new PING!

Before Christmas, my old Animas IR 1250 cracked where the battery goes in at the threads. I contacted Animas and got a loaner 30 hours later that is an IR 2020. What a difference in screens. I could actually see it without needing the backlight. Now, today I am so excited! The place that does the approvals and stuff called and said that they would be sending me a GREEN PING!!! I am now waiting for the call that says when it will be delivered. They said I have to go to some sort of class to learn how to use it, but I probably won’t. I like to read and learn on my own and figure it will take 24-48 hours to get it all figured out, but I am really really really excited. Hopefully, the new year will be a great beginning for the new pump! New technology is wonderful. Anyone have any advice other than to take the class?

My class was maybe in hour - one on one with the animas rep. You could probably spend 30 min if you want to…I was asking lots of questions. The packet the ping comes with is great…but I think talking to a real person is best. But thats just me! Congrats! You will love the new pump.

I do better reading and doing stuff on my own than listening to other people who tell me how things should be, but that is just me too.

I have no choice but to take the class once I get my ping. Its required at Joslin but its with the animas rep. I am sure I can figure it out on my own but since I am very new to pumping I am taking the class anyways so I can be sure I am not screwing it up. But yay for green pings! I am getting the green one too (well once the paperwork goes in!). I am naming mine kermit :slight_smile:

I have been pumping for 15+ years and think I can figure it out. Green is the absolute best color in the world!

I am hoping next month I’ll be starting. I just want to get going on mine! I am royally hating MDI. I picked green because I own too many blue clothing. And I hate pink, black and silver looks boring. I wished they had purple tho.

Green rocks! Thats the color I got too. However, I do were the black pump skin over it sometimes…I am going on my one year anniversary with the pump and it already is a little beat up! I wonder how long these pumps are supposed to last…I never asked. I have gone through 3 clips already…they break way too easy.

expectation is usually 4 years. that’s the usual warranty and the replacement coverage time of most insurers

my OLD Ins co united healthScare ,LOL apprd pump but then when I got it they denided it…thanks united …