My baby is going to College

Are there any other parents with 18 year olds leaving home for school or jobs? My son will be over 5 hours away as he goes to college. I have so many concerns: he doesn't know his roommates yet but will be in residence. Will he be confident enough to explain his diabetes to them? Will he test regularly? I have asked him to text me everynight before bed, but I know this will not last long. I just told him it would ease my mind as I would know what his bg levels are before bed. I know they have to move on to then next stage of their lives, but I still see my little boy, even though he is 6'2". I know he will rise to the occasion and look after himself, I just know how unpredictable this disease is.

He will ultimately be ok. There are so many of us adults with type 1 diabetes who used to be kids with type 1.

Thanks but I know there will be some life lessons, I just hope they aren't too hard.

OMG, your post brought tears to my eyes. My daughter is 4, lots of years of her being here, "safe" with me before she has to do this all solo. But I still get it. Trust that you have taught him well all these years and he will show you what a wonderful job you did raising him, in general, not just in regards to managing T1D. He will soar.... just you watch.

Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting words. They are comforting. Enjoy the growing up years, they do go by so fast. I wish you and your daughter all the best.