My Big D. Survival Guide

I posted this on the Diabetes Mine page and found it rejuvinating to think about how I get through life with the Big D:

After being diagnosed at 25, and now being 38 and NO ONE around me having diabetes (work and family)- I’ve sort of been used to doing it all on my own. Here is what helps me stay happy and healthy.

  1. Support team- kids, husband, family, doctors, nutritionist, and (finally) online community! I’m not alone! I have never been alone with this disease! Talk about the ups and downs and what is going on. People will listen and love you for who you are. My kids will always give me the biggest hugs and love me - regardless…

  2. The “new” Skinny ME! (ie: Achieving and working on a goal) - It’s taken 2 years but I’ve finally lost the baby weight and am down 22 lbs. It’s like- “I’m BAAACK!!!” I feel good about myself- no more “Fluffy Old Me”. Losing weight with Diabetes is tough, hard and sometimes near impossible. With the same discipline I apply to diabetes I was able to do it for ME.

  3. Cute Bag/Accessories- Stick Me Designs has super cute stuff. I just upgraded from the ugly black bag and now I’m ultra-fab and modern now. And it goes with my Coach purse quite well!

  4. Lead by Example and Be Proud- I’m out there with my diabetes- it’s a part of me. I educate people, talk about it, do shots in public, whatever I have to do.

5. Talk and Discuss- It’s okay to let people know if you are having a good day, bad day, so-so day, challenging day, feeling not-so-great day, I hate-this-disease day or I feel fabulous day! The worse thing you can do is keep all of the emotions bottled up.

  1. Guilty pleasures (A MUST!)- Good book, celebrity magazine, hot bath, pedicure, go to a movie, watch my reality shows. It’s MY TIME for ME… and it keeps my sanity.

  2. Brush Teeth, Test, Take a Shot- Daily do a dedicated regime and hard work = we can all live with this disease!

Not to play favorites but I love numbers 3-6, especially 6.
Thank you so much for sharing this :slight_smile: